Tendulkar suggests New ODI Format - What do you think of this format?

Sachin Tendulkar believes ODI cricket requires an overhaul and suggested splitting the game into 4 innings with 25 overs in each innings and a 15-minute break between each innings (a total of four innings between two teams).

Tendulkar believes these innovations will not only add excitement and unpredictability to the game but will also please TV broadcasters and eliminate the dew factor as well.

What do you think of this newly suggested format?


Rohit Sharma, Kohli and others will not be able to hit double centuries. Not good for these players who are capable of breaking records.


This format is in news for some years now, But hasn’t found favor with cricketing bodies till now.

I believe Cricket isn’t Football,Hockey and Basketball. It doesn’t need breaks. Breaks hamper flow and kills excitement. A set batsman Or a bowler in the zone wouldn’t want that broken. I am assuming here that a 50 over innings will be played with a break at 25 overs.

If we are talking of two innings like test match then it’s not much different than T20. USP of T20 is short duration and SlamBang. In 25X2 format short duration strength is taken away. More if SlamBang is to be done whole day long, I can’t believe players will be physically able to do it. Physical and specially mental stress will be too much.