Should Messi Take Up A New Challenge?

The man who has won everything with FC Barcelona and is the highest goal scorer in the club’s history has openly criticized the players and the board members in this season. Despite creating a record of 23 goals and 20 assists, the teammates lacked to match his level of play. There isn’t a single name except for Messi that pops in our head looking back at Barcelona’s 2019/20 season. This is one among the reasons why Barca let the LaLiga trophy slip away to their arch-rivals.

Messi was vocal in criticizing the team after yesterday’s match and he did not hold back in saying that if the team continues this way they might lose to Napoli in the Champions League. On the other side of the story, Messi has also restrained himself from signing the renewal contract. From a feud with the management and lack of team co-ordination and everything else falling apart in his final years, should Messi think of taking up a new challenge to expand his horizon? Should he be joining a team that is more balanced than Barça?


Rather than wasting away at listless Barca, He should definitely look for a new challenge.

If Messi takes up a new challenge and succeeds, It would put an undeniable stamp on his caliber. A few league titles and one or two CL titles with a new club would be a good addition to his resume for his class.