🤔 Should Mason Greenwood be allowed to return to Manchester United?

Mason Greenwood could still play for Manchester United, after it emerged that the club’s most prominent sponsor, Adidas, is considering approving plans for him to return to the squad.

Greenwood has not featured for the Red Devils since January 2022, after being charged with rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour and assault.

The charges were dropped in February, but the 21-year-old remains under suspension by United, who are conducting an internal investigation.

Should Greenwood be allowed back into the squad? Share your thoughts on this topic.


It will be difficult to comment on this without having access to the details of the investigation.

The charges are serious and if there is even slight truth to it, then he shouldn’t be allowed back into the squad or at least not until he undergoes rehabilitation time. I think every human deserves a second chance if an honest attempt is made to bring about that positive change.

It’s unfortunate when we see players committing such violent acts. By doing so they not only destroy their life but also set a wrong example in the community and to young fans who look up to them. To me Greenwood doesn’t appear to carry such violent personality but then anger can bring out the beast in a human. Hope things change for good for him in future.


Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has been left out of the club’s provisional squad number list for the upcoming season.

According to reports, the 21-year-old striker was not included on the squad list for the new season and he remains suspended by the Premier League club since January 2022.

Manchester United are now expected to make a concrete decision on his future soon.

The player could have his contract terminated if the Red Devils feel that he is not fit to represent the club once again. Alternatively, they could look to let him leave the club on a permanent or temporary transfer as well.

It will be interesting to see if he can get his Manchester United career back on track.


Manchester United announce Mason Greenwood will not return to the club after an internal investigation.

Charges against Greenwood including attempted rape and assault were dropped in February after ‘the withdrawal of a key witness.’

His final game for the club was in January 2022.


:rotating_light: The Manchester United dressing room was slightly in favour of Mason Greenwood making a return to the first team.

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:rotating_light: At least two Championship clubs have held preliminary discussions about signing Mason Greenwood but have ultimately decided NOT to pursue their interest.

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:rotating_light: Manchester United are under pressure to donate any potential transfer fee they receive for Mason Greenwood to charities fighting domestic abuse.

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:rotating_light: Jamaica are interested in offering Mason Greenwood the chance to switch his international allegiances from England as the striker looks to rebuild his career away from Manchester United. :england:🇯🇲

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