Red Bull set new pit stop world record of 1.88 sec at F1 German GP. What can you do in 1.88s?


Gone in 1.88 secs! :::dash:

It took Red Bull’s pit crew to service and change four tyres on Max Verstappen’s race-winning RB15 in a mind-boggling 1.88s at the recent German Grand Prix, making it the fastest ever pit stop in Formula One history.

Red Bull lowered their own benchmark set at 1.91s in the British Grand Prix in mid July 2019.

What a perfectly synchronized effort of 25 pit crew members!

What can you do in 1.88 seconds? :hourglass_flowing_sand: :grinning:


Maggie also takes 2 mins! Maybe open the packet in less than 2 secs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here is the video of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stop.


The mechanic even had time to wipe off the front wing after he made the adjustment.:speak_no_evil:


No wonder Verstappen was +7.33 sec ahead of the runner up Sebastian Vettel.


Wow! This is amazing speed and efficiency. I could try to do 3 push ups in 2 secs. :sunglasses:


It was a stunning victory for Max Verstappen A hazy, crazy, race where five pitstops were the norm, guessing and second guessing. Pressing or not pressing, trying to keep the thread of your race going without getting onto the final corner run-off skating rink – for that was the graveyard of hopes and dreams. Especially those of Mercedes having a 125-year celebration that ended up more of a costume drama wake.


You must be incredibly fit then


You seem to be really unfit to even think of trying 3 push ups. :smile:


Oh man, one push up and i literally breath like a dog. I am the ramesh powar of real life.


I can hardly complete a round of breathing in that much time. This is great !!


I could hardly watch this in 1.88 secs! :grinning: