Promotion & Relegation in ISL from 2024-25

Relegation and promotion will be an intrinsic part of India Super League (ISL) from 2024-25 season as this has been “agreed upon by all stakeholders”. I-League winners will get “direct slots” in the top-tier ISL in 2022 and 2023. The winner of I-League will get a direct slot in ISL purely on sporting merit from 2022. Then, from 2024-25 there will be promotion, relegation where the bottom-placed team in ISL will be relegated to the second tier and the I-League winner will be promoted to ISL.

Do you think this is the best roadmap for the growth of Indian Football?


This is an excellent step by the board as this will increase the level competition in Indian football. As rest of the top soccer leagues follow the same system and as far as title race is exciting and gets to nerve of the audience so does the relegation battle.

This step will encourage the formation of more professional clubs in India and excitement among the fans cheering for their underdog clubs to play in the top tier of Indian football will eventually create a culture and drive more fans into the stadium. Players earn higher wages under promotion and relegation, promotion and relegation has a net positive effect on attendance, and the effect of promotion and relegation on competitive balance is ambiguous. So this is a right step towards the growth of football in India.