Poll : Who is the Best Centre-back in Premier League History?

Virgil van Dijk, Vincent Kompany and veteran defenders Rio Ferdinand, John Terry are counted among the best defenders of all time ever to play in the Premier League.

Who is the best centre-back defender in the history of the Premier League? Vote Now!

  • Virgil van Dijk
  • Vincent Company
  • John Terry
  • Rio Ferdinand

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Wtf!! No vidic?? Even Ferdinand accepts that vidic was better than him. There should be a vidic on the list

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David Luiz should be in the list but In given option, Virgil Van Dijk without a doubt. He has all the qualities you want in defender. Liverpool are lucky to have him.


Virgil van Dijk 100%
The impact he has made in such a short period of time is simply incredible. Liverpool lifted Champions League trophy because of him and this year too they need him to win again.


Virgil Van Dijk without a doubt. VVD, reminds me of Ferdinand.


Vincent Kompany. He’s the best center back for me. He’s scored when the team has needed the most. Changed City’s fortune and captained them to great title wins.

VVD is good. But it’s just been 1 season now. So don’t judge him with that performance. There are many one season wonders who came but could’t conquer.

Anyone thinking about Ramos? :crazy_face: