Poll: Should Virat Kohli give up his RCB captaincy?

Royal Challengers Bangalore have been abysmal this season. Just like the previous years, nothing seems to have changed. Choking under pressure, poor decisions in crucial stages of the game.

There has been a lot of talk about Kohli’s captaincy, especially from former players like Gautam Gambhir.

Is it time for Kohli to take a step back and focus on his game instead? let someone else lead the side?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes? And kill his confidence just before world cup. Also the problem is not his captaincy, if his captaincy was a problem how does India perform on a different level under the same captain. The core of rcb’s problem is weak Indian core and the failure of foreign players. Look at all the teams that are doing good in ipl, all have a solid Indian core and their overseas players are performing well. I would have been in favour of him leaving the the captaincy but what can a captain do if the team loses its complete top order before 50 and if the bowlers manage to give over 200 runs? Look at all his overseas or big buys. All have failed, hetmayer, shivam dube, akshdeep nath literally all. Plus their Indian core is made up of parthiv patel and umesh yadav. Just keep a hand at your heart and tell me how many of their Indian players would you like to sign if you were a team owner? Maybe no one except kohli and chahal. So i dont think kohli is at blame here