Poll : Should MS Dhoni retire?

The nation is divided into Dhoni devotees and Dhoni critics. Fans want MS Dhoni to not hang up his gloves. But, critics demand, he should take a break now.

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Dhoni is one of the greatest players in Indian cricket history but it’s time now for him to shift into mentor role and coach the young talent for next World Cup.


Dhoni is just a liability now. He should go away. If anyone can give me one solid reason why shouldn’t he hang his boots. Comments are welcome. Change my mind.


Over the last two years, Dhoni has scored 1,277 runs in 54 matches at an average of 45.60. In the last one year alone, he has scored 727 runs at 42.76 in 29 matches. India is already struggling with the No.4 slot. Everyone after Rohit, Shikhar and Virat are inexperienced or show the signs of lack of patience or bad shot selections.

As it happened against New Zealand in the World Cup, India faces these downfall disasters during the most crucial matches. Dhoni knows how to handle pressure and get the team on track when it matters the most.

You tell me, who has the caliber of replacing Dhoni? A perfect replacement that we shouldn’t think twice to even feature on the charts.

If not anyone, Virat Kohli needs Dhoni more than anyone else. Behind the stumps there’s no one better in the world than Dhoni. If not anything he his a motivation for the team and the youngsters like Hardik, Pant etc look upto Dhoni as their idol.

I know there has been a significant decline in his performance compared to his earlier days, but retirement should be an individual decision. Dhoni has always put the team needs before his own. As he did it in Tests, he’ll do it when the team’s balance is right (maybe after the upcoming t20 WC? Let him end lifting the trophy where he started)


I am asking for his retirement for more than a couple of years now. His retirement is long overdue. He had a prosperous carrier, It’s now time Pant takes over.


Since the beginning of 2018, MS Dhoni has played 38 Matches and has scored 875 runs in ODI’s. That is definitely more than one year. However, even if I believe your stats that is 8 less than Dhoni’s career average. His career average and career strike rate have fallen drastically in recent years.

Dhoni wasn’t an overnight success. He was given long chances. Yes, he did score a 148 against Pakistan and a 183 against Sri Lanka. But amongst these big innings, there were a plethora of failures. If Dhoni is removed today and his replacement gets one year without any important series lined up. That would be an ideal situation. Rishabh Pant is not his replacement. He is something new, something unseen before in India cricket. Give him time and stop putting an unnecessary expectation on him. If you have accepted an average of about 25 from Dhoni 2 times in the past 4 years why not give Rishabh Pant the same amount of time. He won’t do worse than Dhoni.

Virat Kohli will keep living under his shadow until and unless Dhoni leaves. Yes, it’s his individual decision. yes he should decide on it, but the lines get crossed when each success belongs to some Dhoni call and each failure to Virat’s captaincy. I am not a Dhoni hater neither a Virat supporter. I am just a guy who honestly believes that Dhoni right now is a liability on everyone. He should leave and if he wants to stay play like the Dhoni everyone fell in love with. There was a time when Dhoni had way too many fans, like sort of zero hater guy, suddenly he is at a 50-50 ratio. There must be something that the guy is doing wrong.
Also, Dhoni didn’t start his career winning the Cup. He started his career with a narrow series win again Bangladesh and humiliation against Pakistan. Maybe that is where he wants to finish his career. Unfortunately, no series lined up against Pakistan. :joy::joy:


It was interesting to see Lata Mangeshkar and Javed Akhtar tweet on this much debated topic. :slightly_smiling_face: I guess this sentiment is shared by common man through out the country.

No individual is indispensable or is expected to play forever. I also think it’s in the player’s interest to leave on a high note. The best way for team India is to transition his role to other potential replacements before he finally decides to retire.




The Nation Loves him and big names like these are enough to show how much he matters for the Indian National Team.


You tell me, who has the caliber of replacing Dhoni?


It is not like Dhoni doesn’t know when he has to retire. From the tests too. He retired when he saw there was a balance in the team and now, unfortunately, the limited over side doesn’t have the maturity to play without Dhoni. The time is very close that he’ll hang up the boots but for everything that he has done for the Indian Cricket. Let him end on a high note.


Cannot be find untill and unless dhoni Retires. If in case Rahul dravid hadn’t retired there would have been no pujara, without laxman retiring there would have been no Rahane. In the same way without dhoni retiring there would be no pant or kishan. You never know who has the caliber unless someone is replaced.


In his present form Pant, Kishan, Bharat, Samson, Saha, Parthiv all are better choice.

None had caliber of Sunny, Kapil, Kumble, Yuvarj, Sehwag, Sachin, Ganguly etc. They had to retire when time came or when they were pushed out. Dhoni’s time is over for a while now, He is in the team only due to his performance in distant past. He is hurting the team now.

At least he is getting a choice. Nobody is pushing him like he pushed out Gambhir, Sehvag, Yuvi, Bhajji, Laxman etc.


If in case Rahul Dravid hadn’t retired there would have been no Cheteshwar Pujara, without VVS Laxman retiring there would have been no Ajikya Rahane. In the same way without MS Dhoni retiring there would be no Rishabh Pant or Ishan Kishan.


Obviously he should not retire bcoz he is one of the best Wicket Keeper in th world and best middle order player but yeah every player has there retirement period


Thank you so much..