Pakistan Cricket's record low!

Pakistan lost by an innings at Adelaide against Australia and lost series 2-0. Pakistan have lost 14 continuous test matches on Australian soil which is a record for any country for continuous losses in a single country. They broke Bangladesh’s record of 13 continuous losses. Bangladesh had dubious distinction of losing so many at home.

Pakistan have now suffered 5 continuous white washes at Australia.

In 1999, Australia won 3-0
In 2004, Australia won 3-0
In 2009, Australia won 3-0
In 2016, Australia won 3-0
In 2019, Australia won 2-0

Pakistan has never won a series in Australia. They lost 10 out of 13 and the rest 3 were a draw.


Former England captain Michael Vaughan thinks that only India are capable of getting the better of Aussies on home soil. Vaughan stated : Australia are a very tough nut to crack on home conditions and only Virat Kohli’s team can get the better of them Down Under.

Earlier this year, India had won their first ever Test series win (2-1) in Australia but that win was discounted saying Australian team were missing Steve Smith and David Warner due to 1 year ban.


I feel Pakistan lost its cricketing power due to politics. I know they have players such as Haq and Azam who they are proud of, but i never found any of them very sepcial. The Pakistani team lacks match winners and what is worse is that they lost what they were known for: Their fast bowling.
The team lacks the cutting edge, the batting lacks any sort of solidity and bowling is (No clue what should i call the mess they have in the name of bowling)


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I do not think the Pakistan will lose its love for Cricket. However, if they want to become a superpower, they need to learn from BCCI. Also should keep the politics away from Cricket. Also, domestic culture needs to be improved.
One prime factor which I believe might have caused the downfall of Pakistan’s cricket is that their ex players did not take the responsibility of bettering the game. Look at India, Dravid is literally scouting the youth one at a time. Dada is bringing life back to tests, VVS never really left cricket. Many domestic pacers spent their lives in the MRF pace foundations etc etc. Pakistan needs such contributions.