🚨 OFFICIAL: David Silva has retired from football at the age of 37: Where does he rank amongst the Greatest Spanish players to play in the Premier league?

:rotating_light: OFFICIAL: David Silva has retired from football at the age of 37! He suffered an ACL injury in pre-season and has decided to stop playing. :pensive:

:es: 869 games
:soccer: 156 goals
:dart: 226 assists
:trophy:20 trophies

One of the most underrated players ever. :top:

Where does Silva ranks amongst the Greatest Spanish players to grace the premier league? :thinking:


768 - David Silva also created the most goalscoring chances for teammates this decade in the Premier League; 173 more than any other player. Conductor.


89 - David Silva assisted 89 Premier League goals this decade; 27 more than any other player in the competition in the 2010s. Magician.


David Silva joined Man City and won the FA Cup in his first season, the club’s first major trophy in 35 years.

David Silva joined Real Sociedad and won the Copa del Rey in his first season, the club’s first major trophy in 34 years.

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:a: Premier League assists from non-UK players since its inception:

:1st_place_medal: Cesc Fabregas - 111
:2nd_place_medal: Kevin De Bruyne - 102
:3rd_place_medal: Dennis Bergkamp - 94
:star: πƒπšπ―π’π 𝐒𝐒π₯𝐯𝐚 - πŸ—πŸ‘
:star: Christian Eriksen / Thierry Henry - 74

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David Silva was one of a kind :pleading_face:


David Silva is widely regarded as one of the greatest Spanish players to have graced the Premier League. He is one of the most decorated players in Manchester City’s history, with his 10 years at the club producing four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, five EFL Cups, and two Community Shields. Silva was a pivotal member of their title-winning side in 2012, as they wrestled the Premier League away from neighbours Manchester United to lift the trophy for the very first time - ending a 44-year wait to be English champions.

He has consistently been recognised for his exceptional performances and contributions to Manchester City during his time in England. His skill, creativity, and impact on the game have earned him a place among the league’s legends.

  • According to a poll conducted by SPORTbible in 2020, David Silva was voted the greatest Spanish player in Premier League history, receiving 43% of the votes.

  • In a ranking by Sportskeeda in 2022, David Silva was ranked as the best Spanish player in Premier League history.

  • In a ranking by BBC Sport’s Match of the Day Top 10, David Silva was listed among the top Spanish players in the Premier League.


David Silva, during his time in the Premier League, has had numerous memorable moments that showcased his exceptional skill and influence on the game. Here are some of his greatest moments:

Consistent Influence: One of the defining characteristics of Silva’s career in the Premier League is his consistent influence on the game. He was known for his ability to control the tempo, dictate play, and create scoring opportunities for his teammates throughout matches.

Goal Scoring: Silva scored many important goals for Manchester City. One notable moment was when he scored his 50th goal for the club in a match against Bournemouth in 2017.

Assists: Silva was also renowned for his vision and ability to provide key assists. His passing ability was exceptional, and he often created scoring opportunities with his precise and creative passes. One of his best assists was a remarkable pass in a match against Manchester United, which is considered one of the best assists in Premier League history.

Dazzling Performances: Silva consistently delivered dazzling performances for Manchester City. His ability to control the game and create opportunities for his team was evident in many matches. One notable performance was against Manchester United, where he played a crucial role in a victory that was significant for Manchester City’s history.


David Silva ranks top on the best Spanish players in Premier League history, as per Squawka.

1. David Silva

Manchester City, 2010-2020
League Games: 309
Honours: FA Cup (2), Premier League (4), Community Shield (2), League Cup (5)

2. Cesc Fabregas

Arsenal, 2003-2011 and Chelsea, 2014-2019
League Games: 350
Honours: Premier League (2), 2014/15 League Cup, 2017/18 FA Cup, 2018/19 UEFA Europa League

3. CΓ©sar Azpilicueta

Chelsea, 2012-Jul 2023
League Games: 345 (and counting)
Honours: UEFA Europa League (2), Premier League (2), 2014/15 League Cup, 2017/18 FA Cup, 2020/21 Champions League, 2021 UEFA Super Cup, 2021 Club World Cup

4. David de Gea

Manchester United, 2011-Jul 2023
League Games: 409 (and counting)
Honours: Community Shield (3), 2012/13 Premier League, 2015/16 FA Cup, EFL Cup (2), 2016/17 UEFA Europa League

5. Fernando Torres

Liverpool and Chelsea, 2007-2014
League Games: 212
Honours: 2011/12 UEFA Champions League, 2012/13 UEFA Europa League

6. Xabi Alonso

Liverpool, 2004-2009
League Games: 143
Honours: 2004/05 UEFA Champions League, 2005 UEFA Super Cup, 2005/06 FA Cup, 2006 Community Shield

7. Juan Mata

Chelsea and Manchester United, 2011-2022
League Games: 277
Honours: FA Cup (2), 2011/12 UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League (2), 2016 Community Shield, 2016/17 EFL Cup

8. Diego Costa

Chelsea, 2014-2018; Wolves, 2022-Present
League Games: 89
Honours: Premier League (2), 2014/15 League Cup

9. Pepe Reina

Liverpool, 2005-2013 and Aston Villa 2020
League Games: 297
Honours: 2005 UEFA Super Cup, 2005/06 FA Cup, 2006 Community Shield, 2011/12 League Cup

10. Santi Cazorla

Arsenal, 2012-2018
League Games: 129
Honours: FA Cup (2), Community Shield (2)


David Silva has announced his retirement from football after suffering a serious knee injury aged 37.

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289 - David Silva won his 200th Premier League game in his 289th appearance in the competition; he is the only player to reach 200 wins in fewer than 300 games played.

289 - David Silva
306 - John Terry
310 - Petr Čech
315 - Ryan Giggs
316 - Raheem Sterling