Neymar Saga - PSG to Barca? Coutinho to PSG? Will Neymar return to Barcelona?


As per reports Spanish giants have travelled to Paris for face-to-face negotiations with PSG and hammer out an agreement for the transfer of Neymar as Barcelona looks to bring Neymar back to the Nou Camp.

Barcelona and PSG are in talks to swap two players in Neymar transfer - Barca willing to give up Philippe Coutinho and Ivan Rakitic after Real Madrid’s interest in Neymar.

Barcelona stars Messi, Suarez, Pique also wish to see Neymar return with Messi even urging Neymar to join Barca and not Real Madrid.

PSG want €150m and the Brazilian. Barca is not willing to spend more than €100m.

While the saga is playing out, Neymar having refused to play for PSG again is vacationing in Portugal. Isn’t that a wonderful situation to be in where you have the top clubs sweating out to have you? :smile:

I personally feel this saga is over played and has become the game of titans trying to claim supremacy by not letting rivals gain advantage. A game too prestigious to lose but too expensive to win.

What do you think? Will Neymar return to Barcelona?


Barça have removed Semedo and Dembele from the negotiating table while ready to give up Rakitic. Looks like Barca are determined to bring back Neymar! Hope Neymar proves his worth after all this hype.


I hate neymar. I hope he never gets a good club ever again. Such a drama king


Yeah Barcelona wants to bid 100 million plus Coutinho + rakitic in exchange of neymar. If someone asks me I would say this could be super stupid on the part of barca. Why? They don’t need neymar. They have Griezmann, dembele, Coutinho, suarez, messi and what not. In recent posts we have already discussed that barca is losing its identity. They are literally wasting young talents, Malcolm being the prime example. Also two more things I would like to point out:

  1. Neymar left the club because he did not wanted to be in the shadow of messi and going by messi’s form he is not going anywhere down the pyramind for the next two years. How will neymar adjust then? Also who knows two years from now he might have to play in the shadow of dembele. Being neymar would he be able to maintain the harmony?
  2. He has been a Injured a lot, he is a drama king, he fouls in the world cup are world famous. Do barca really need him? Too many cooks spoil the broth. Griezmann + messi + suarez + neymar. Way too much star power. Never good for a team. A team is always made of squad players.if you look at Liverpool, their squad players such as milner etc played much important role in maintaining the balance of the team whereas PSG with mbappe + neymar + cavani + di Maria + draxler could not go past round of 16. If barca sign neymar they just might lose the overall balance and become too top heavy

If barca are really willing to spend I would suggest them to spend on their cdm + defense. A team is only as strong as its weakest link.


Neymar is going nowhere. You will see him playing for PSG this season. He has this habit of sticking as the center of attention in the media. He is accustomed to create an atmosphere where he is the Prime focus everytime. As a Barca fan, openly speaking we don’t need Neymar at all. We have enough talent on board and Coutinho given a chance to settle this season will prove more worth.

A gimmick can only be expected if Florentino Perez uses his old tactic to bring a Galcatico just before the transfer deadline. We’ve seen this happen in the past too and PSG chief Nasser Al-Khelaifi will surely agree for a deal or atleast pressurize Neymar if the club receives a bid in the region of £200million from Los Blancos.


I think these rumors of Neymar returning to Barça are absolutely crap. Simply put it is not true. I do not think Neymar will ever return to Barça


Completely agree with @Anubhav2 and @Yash … Neymar is just a drama king and nothing else. Barca don’t need him


Barca would do well to refrain from bringing him back. His already super size ego will get another Boost, add it to the already bitter history with Barca, a well cooked recipe for explosive controversies.

For the money, Barca can get 2/3 players with good future.


Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has confirmed Coutinho joining Bayern Munich on a one-year loan with an option to buy Coutinho after the loan period ends.

I am glad Coutinho is moving to Bayern instead of being used as a pawn in Neymar deal.


The hyped up saga fizzled out by the closure of the transfer window. Things are back to where they were to begin with. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PSG coach Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that Neymar is available for Paris Saint-Germain and ready to face Strasbourg on Saturday. So, the french will now not loose out on the theatrics!


No. He won’t. Said One great guy in june.


I told you guys before.