Most Remarkable Shots in Cricket History


Friends, let’s recount all remarkable shots pioneered by innovative batsmen.

The first such shot I remember watching was Azhar’s paddle sweep like shot. Where he turned right and just soft swatted the ball between keeper and fine leg. Can’t find a video somehow for it. If any one can dig out, will be great.

While talking about Azhar, another very very interesting shot comes to the mind. Everybody knows MSD’s Helicopter. But few know the inventor, Yes, Azhar played it first in international cricket.


Also, No Indian can ever forget DOUGLAS MARILLIER and his Scoop. He undid India in 2002 with it. He almost stunned Aus in 2001 with it.


The helicopter shot - a trademark shot of Captain Cool MS Dhoni. MSD plays this shot to counter yorkers delivered during the death overs.

In the helicopter shot, the batsman flicks the bat towards the leg side when facing a yorker or a full length delivery and finishes the stroke by twisting the bat in an overhead circle. This shot requires excellent timing and wrist-work.


In the 2017 50-over World Cup, England’s power hitter Natalie Sciver’s awkward yet remarkable shot went viral as the Natmeg shot.
In her unique shot, when the ball is full on the stumps, instead of swinging through the line and smashing it straight, she hits the ball through her legs when in a cramped position. Although Sciver did not invent this shot, previously called The Draw shot played by Steve Smith and others, it became viral and known as the Natmeg shot after Sciver.


Check out the video where she effortlessly plays the shot -


Brian Lara’s cover drive, anyday! Picture the last tour to Pakistan in 2006- there’s plenty of it in there!


Yuvraj’s pull were a delight to the eyes. I literally can watch them 24*7.
Sachin’s straight drive. Woaaah… Blows my mind every time.
Dada and his sixes. The way he used to step down and hit sixes.
All these shots are stored in my heart.


Dada and his square cuts and off drives. No matter how many fielders you put in Gully, Point, Cover, he would find the gap invariably. And he used to do it with such ease. It seemed that with his bat he just pointed to the ball where it needs to go. God of off side.


Rahul Dravid’s on drives, Dada’s short arm jab, Sachin’s straight drive, Ponting’s Pull, Jayasurya’s uppish square drive, to Kohli’s cover drive.


K Srikanth and his typical on drives. No body played them the way he played them. His Cover drives were also delight to watch.

Chika had also that insuppressible itch to dance down the track to spinners and loft them over Mid On & Mid Off. I remember Aus would open with Greg Mathews and specially put Tom Moody & Peter Taylor, Their tallest of the lot, on the edge of the circle at both these positions just for these.

One of his daring sixes against WI. Facing fast bowler without Helmet and taking him ON. Typical Chika.