😬 Most Embarrassing defeats in Premier League history


It may not change how many points you get but everyone loves a big win in football and the Premier League is no different. The Premier has witnessed some incredible score lines in recent years and in history.

Let’s discuss on some of the most embarrassing defeats in the Premier League history in this thread.


Liverpool vs Bournemouth (Aug 27, 2022)

Only four games into the season, Bournemouth’s Merseyside surrender proved to be so devastating that Scott Parker lost his position. The Cherries were completely destroyed that day by the Reds, who attacked them mercilessly and didn’t stop until the referee blew his whistle to end the promoted team’s suffering. Surprisingly, Roberto Firmino and Luis Diaz received the majority of the attention on that particular day although Mohamed Salah was on the field for the entire 90 minutes.