More people prefer to watch Test Cricket over Limited overs - Do the current crop of players have a similar preference?

This article from TOI outlines a survey that says people prefer tests.

I have always felt that the longer format is the true litmus test for players. However, judging by our performances in tests recently…Do you think the younger generation of cricketers are growing up wanting to play just limited overs? Is this why we aren’t producing enough Pujara’s right now?

Has the IPL got anything to do with this mentality?


That changes from person to person but for me, Test Cricket is the purest form of cricket and is the best format of cricket because it really tests the ability of Batsmen to not get out and ability of Bowler to get the wicket and also check the player’s mental strength, patience, fighting skills but this format for those who are a true audience of cricket and those who understand cricket.prv_5d3f6_1445475665


The thing is we live in time of instant gratification today and everybody wants slam-bang entertainment. If a song doesn’t get you in first few secs, It’s goner. People don’t want to watch 5 days of slow play. T20 is much more exciting.

So, What is on plate for today’s young cricketer. Much much more money if you could excel at Limited overs cricket. IPL with lucrative pay and ludicrous publicity, has all youngsters flocking to it. While Test has not much money, Look at Pujara.

So, You are right, younger generation of cricketers are growing up wanting to play just limited overs and Yes, IPL is a big factor.


I also agree that Tests remain true test of a player’s caliber. The amount of skill and temperament on display is amazing. Also, you witness many great rivalries and epic battles between Cherry and Willow. But. Patience is the key to enjoy all these.

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