Moises Caicedo ⚔️ Declan Rice: who is the better Defensive midfielder?

Two of the biggest names who are being rumoured to leave their clubs this summer are Declan Rice and Moises Caicedo, but who is the best between the two?

Arsenal look to be heavily interested in Declan Rice while Chelsea are reportedly interested in signing Moises Caicedo this summer.

The pair are often included in the same conversations with many trying to figure out who is better.

Who in your opinion is the better player?


Rice vs. Caicedo stats last season

Here’s a full break down of their stats from their 2022/23 Premier League campaign.

Declan Rice Stat Moises Caicedo
6 Goal contributions 2
37 Chances created 43
83 Passes played into box 64
40 Successful dribbles 29
88.05% Pass accuracy 88.77%
167 Duels won 220
38 Successful tackles 50
15 Blocks 7
63 Interceptions 56
334 Possession won 248

While Caicedo is a fantastic talent and one of the best midfielders, Rice just edges out the young Ecuadorian midfielder in certain areas currently. Rice holds more experience for a start and he can play both midfielder roles collectively to a higher degree. He can also cover at centre-back which Caicedo can’t do.

Arsenal have rightfully put all of their focus into signing Rice this summer instead of Caicedo.


Both players have different styles and strengths, with Caicedo being more physical and dynamic, while Rice is known for his composure and tactical awareness. The choice between them would depend on the club’s needs and the specific role they are expected to fulfil.

Caicedo, an Ecuadorian footballer is known for his athleticism, physicality, and ability to break up play effectively. He possesses good tackling skills and is adept at intercepting passes. While he is relatively young and still developing as a player, he has shown great potential.

On the other hand, Declan Rice is an English midfielder who plays for West Ham United in the Premier League. Rice has gained considerable experience and recognition in recent years both for the country and club. He is a composed and intelligent player who excels at reading the game. Rice’s strengths lie in his positioning, tactical awareness, and ability to shield the defense effectively. He is also a good passer and has the ability to contribute to the team’s build-up play.


Rice is a good player, but he is too expensive.


Rice vs Caicedo based on last season: