Man City vs Tottenham- VAR is the eventual decider

Man City and Tottenham have now become the most entertaining fixture in world football. It was not the first time when the match ended in flamboyant drama but fortunately, Spurs enjoyed the benefit of technology and at the same venue, Ethihad. Last season’s champions league quater-final saw a decisive stoppage-time goal against Spurs snatched away by VAR and Deja Vu is the right word to describe yesterday’s situation when Gabriel Jesus’s goal was disallowed in the stoppage time.

But, if you take back a close look at both Llorente’s handball and Laport’s handball it had a significant repercussion. Do you think VAR is spoiling the flavour of football coz after a long celebration the goals were disallowed on the big screen or do you think technology being used in the right direction to maintain a fair play?


Mauricio Pochettino’s finest signing - “VAR”! :joy:

On a serious note, it sure is spoiling but the use of VAR is maintaining fair play.


VAR has no place in football it’s killing the game.


VAR What an absolute joke. Clearly no penalty…



So i might be wrong here but change is always difficult to accept. Var is one such change. It will the game more fair and better. Third umpire when started in cricket faced a lot of criticism same with Drs. But now both the things are widely accepted in cricket. Give var some time. 5-7 years. It is way soon to judge now


The main reason why VAR isn’t being accepted by fans around the world is simply because the masses present in the stadium are kept in the darkness for a good five minutes when the match officials do take a look in order to change or stick to a decision. However, if they get to see and know on big screens as to what’s going on, the element of impatience and pleasant/unpleasant surprise might get eradicated and will lead to more level headed reactions on the contrary.


Hmm… Just like the third umpire in cricket?