Maahi maar rhaa hai, maahi maar rhaa hai. Really? The dilemma called Dhoni


Ever since India’s loss against England in CWC 2019 there has been a civil war amongst fan. The die hard dhoni fans are busy defending dhoni and jadhav whereas a lot of people are taking their time out to blame dhoni in every way possible. A lot of people are defending dhoni saying that India lost the game in first 10 overs whereas people suggest that scores were almost equal after the 39th over and it was the lack of intent from Dhoni which hurt the team. Both the sides have a lot of explanation and facts whereas a separate section of audience is also suggesting that Dhoni should be in the team because of his earlier contributions. However, is the CWC really is the time to payback someone’s contribution? Also the fans. How do you defend Dhoni’s contribution? Also we all know that dhoni won’t be dropped so how can dhoni be utilised in the best possible way?


Dhoni is way past his prime. We have 2 very good replacements ready with us. Pant irrespective of keeper or no should be in team. DK is also better option than today’s Dhoni.

Also, Current form not withstanding, I was a lost fan for Dhoni. I was a fan of Dhoni since his domestic days, I used to get furious when Dhoni was not getting India cap with Ratra and others being given chances. Was really happy after his performance against Pak (145) and Sl (183 - which could have been fist ever Double if SL had scored enough)) . He was fearlessness personified in his initial years.

But, Something happened after he became captain. Politician in him took over and I was a lost fan. Too many deserving people were made to leave or left out.

More, He started taking games too deep. Too deep to be retrieved, asking rates getting almost impossible, sometimes He managed and was hailed as Hero. But, India lost many matches due to his strategy. I am a vocal proponent of his exclusion for a time now.


I am a Dhoni fan too, but yesterday was completely indigestible performance by India. 320 all out would have been much better than this loss. Losing a match in a cricket is not a problem. It happen. Giving up is not acceptable. No theory can justify yesterday’s stupidity.


So, I don’t think he will be dropped off the team. What do you suggest could be his best use for this World Cup. A way in which he will not harm India the way he did yesterday


Agreed Sanchit. Thank god unlike other Dhoni fans you are not defending him. In your opinion how could we use him in the best possible manner?


Out of playing eleven. Advisory role.


Definitely not in his peak form. Having said that, being an ardent Dhoni fan, not just of his game but also of his calm & composed personality, I find the debate myopic and shallow. Couldn’t it be that the English bowlers were just too good for our batsmen to hit & score. Which applies to all the batsmen ( S/R : R Sharma 93.58; Kohli 86.84; R Pant 110.34; K Jadhav 92.31; KL Rahul 0.0) who had lesser strike rate than Dhoni (135.48) except Pandya who was marginally better (136.6).

The team needs experienced players like Dhoni who can sustain the pressure, strategizing every game without giving into pressure or without getting too excited with smaller wins. Even the captain seeks his advice many a times. I find it ridiculous when people question ‘his intent or lack of it’. For God’s sake, at least let that not be your basis of judging his performance who has proved umpteen times what it means to him to represent India and win for the country.


The problem is that a perception has been created over the past 2 years that MSD has lost his power to finish and his strike rate has gone low. It’s definitely a matter to think about but then coming down to a conclusion that he must be replaced would be stupidity. Not because he has contributed but he is big match player and knows how to shut these critics. The other day during the England match yes, he was slow but the pitch too was very slow as it came towards the end. Moreover England bowled in the right areas. The grounds are big there and if every ball you try and smack it like how in IPL, you’ll soon be dismissed.
Give him time. Just one match when India is in struggling position this man will stand up and show how its done. We’ve witnessed that in the past. And maybe idk why maybe its was Dhoni’s plan to just see a loss and give the team a reality check and moreover knockout Pak.


That’s what I call a win-win strategy! :smile:


He hasn’t had an occasion to shut his critics for years now.

He is way past his prime. Even in his prime, His mentality to take games too deep to become hero was detrimental.

He got lucky like Azhar to become captain as there was no alternative avaialable qualifying in all three formats. Then IPL happened and was bought by right camp. Used his influence a few carriers and got rid of few potential captainship rivals.

He isn’t that calm and cool even, Insiders have been talking of his judgment of when the cameras are live and venting when he was off screen.

As I said before I was a lost big fan and bitter critic after politician in him took over.

Right now he is in team due to sponsor and being in right camp. Nothing more, nothing less.


Yeah. I am a big believer of conspiracy theories but this is something which i cannot believe. I mean way past his prime. Like way past, his habit of taking the game way deep also agreed. But the politics thing is a bit much to believe


Nothing not to believe in. It’s not first time in Indian cricket. Nor it will be last. Only thing is, in Dhoni, Srinivasan time, level of politics is at all time high as money involved is at all time high.