Liverpool or Manchester City? Who is going to win the title? And Why?

Manchester City and Liverpool both are in a race which is taking a new turn after every match day. The thing stopping Liverpool is lack of squad depth in their side whereas their past failures have also been emotional baggage.
The thing stopping Manchester City is their pursuit of a quadrupedal this season. The city is fighting on all three remaining fronts which might create diversions.


This is extremely hard to predict right now. But I honestly hope Liverpool wins, it has been so long since they won EPL.

It is a coin toss really. Looking at the fixtures left, City probably have to do a bit more than the Reds. However, they have the experience of winning titles from difficult situations. Liverpool don’t.

Yeah. However, Liverpool have comparatively very easy fixtures left and no worries of FA cup. this could be the best title race after 2012.