Leeds' full 30 pass build up to the Pablo Hernandez goal against Stoke

Great goal. A patient build up and a sudden flourish with clever pass at the back. What a goal, great pass from flank, lovely dummy before the strike. I think it also shows Luke Ayling’s quality too.


Simply brilliant!! :star_struck::heart_eyes:


Marcelo Bielsa’s unorthodox playing style has been given a fancy name called ’ Bielsa Ball ’ which involves direct, attacking football that is played at a high pace while retaining possession. The build-up begins at the back and often ends in rapid incisive counter-attacks. While defending, the team uses a 4-1-4-1 formation but in the offence, they revert to the 3-3-1-3 combination. What a lovely attacking gameplay. This team is going to be a challenge in the next season