Khabib Nurmagomedov- The Undisputed UFC Champion!

Yesterday at UFC 242, the drama for the Lightweight championship ended, as “The Eagle” from Dagestan claimed his title to show the world that “There Can Only Be One King” and it is him! After an ugly sprawl with ‘The Notorious’- Conor McGregor in October, Khabib entered the octagon to face Dustin Poirier to retain his title.

The Russian retained his UFC lightweight world title and continued his undefeated streak to make it 28-0. Poirier was taken down in every single round and was forced to tap out in the third round after Khabib locked him in a rear-naked choke to clinch the title by submission. Khabib has now cemented his name as one of the greatest MMA fighter and it now looks like its just impossible for anyone to take on this grapple hustler.

But as usual, the Irishman pipped back at Khabib just after the victory. A five-word tweet from The Notorious followed: “Book my rematch for Moscow”.. Do you think Dana White will make this rematch happen? Commercially, it’ll break all records, but on the scale of respect, Do you think this fight will take place? NOT AGAIN, CoNor!


Conor McGregor wants that fight really badly and the fans would want to see it too. Time will tell…we will see how this whole thing plays out.


If the rematch happens, Khabib will beat McGregor ruthlessly again and see to that he never has the audacity to thrash talk again.

But for UFC fans like us, this will be the match of the millennium.


I think the rematch with Conor will happen. Why will this sport not bank on all the hype and anticipation and leave another chance to mint millions?!


Russian President Vladimir Putin, a big supporter of combat sports met with Khabib in Russia after his win over Poirier.

Putin to Khabib “I watched the fight, you submitted him with a rear-naked choke, it was a classic choke hold. You did it in the correct way, without squeezing his throat, but holding him on both sides of the neck, as it should be. It was all fair” .

Last year : The meeting between Putin, Khabib and his dad, looks like a Parent-Student-Teacher meeting with loads of good behavior talk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Watch the below video…:sweat_smile:

Putin had also met Conor during 2018 FIFA World Cup. Looks like he would also want Conor and Khabib rematch. :smile: