Kevin Peterson Joins Kohli Fan Club!

We had ABD ranking Kohli better than Smith. Now Kevin Peterson has joined the debate of Kohli Vs Smith.


In an Instagram Chat with Mbangwa, This is what Peterson had to say:

Kohli. Hands down. (He’s a) freakshow. His record chasing winning games for India, with the amount of pressure he consistently lives under, Smith doesn’t even come close.

Mbangwa went one step further and asked him about who he thought was the better batsman between Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar?

Peterson had no hesitation about saying this:

Again, Virat. Because of his chasing numbers. His chasing numbers are frightening. He averages 80 in chases. All his one-day hundreds come chasing. He consistently wins games of cricket for India. He just keeps turning on the numbers, chasing, chasing, chasing.

What do you all Smith and Sachin fans have to say?


I don’t agree with kp when asking sachin or virat sachin played a sensational cricket better than virat even at the age of fast bowlers


To say

I think the opinions of both ABD and KP may not be objective and subject to bias. I doubt if Steve Smith stands a fair chance of opinion from South African players (KP with SA origin) after the ball tampering incident in South Africa. I think it’s natural to be biased. So, it’s wise to not dig too deep into their statements. :grinning:

Well…regarding Sachin vs Virat - It’s always tricky to answer such questions because either way you are put on the spot! So, many get by with a diplomatic answer while others dare to speak their mind. :grinning:


Kohli has scored 7240 runs in 86 Tests at 53.62. Smith, on the other hand, averages higher than Kohli in Tests with 7227 runs in 73 games at 62.74.

Kohli, who has scored 70 international hundreds, averages more than 50 in all three formats. He averages 59.33 and 50.80 in ODIs and T20s, while Smith averages 42.46 and 29.60 respectively in the two formats.