Kevin De Bruyne vs Yaya Toure: Who would you pick in their prime? 🤔


Two midfield maestros, one impossible choice!

Would you choose the dominant force of Yaya Touré in his prime, or the precision passing and vision of Kevin De Bruyne in his prime?

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  • Who was more influential in their team’s success?
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De Bruyne :soccer::heart_eyes:

Kevin De Bruyne and Yaya Touré were both exceptional midfielders in their prime, but they had distinct playing styles and strengths.

Yaya Touré was a dominant physical presence in midfield, known for his powerful runs, ability to shield the ball, and long-range shooting. He was a key part of Manchester City’s title-winning teams in the 2010s, providing a solid defensive foundation while also contributing goals and assists.

In contrast, Kevin De Bruyne is renowned for his exceptional passing range, vision, and creativity. He is considered one of the best playmakers in the modern game, capable of unlocking defenses with his incisive through balls and pinpoint crosses.

Touré’s physical dominance and all-around game could be valuable for teams looking to control the midfield, while De Bruyne’s creativity and chance creation would be better suited for teams aiming to break down stubborn defenses.


Yaya Touré’s goal-scoring rates over his career:

Premier League Goals: Touré scored 62 goals in 230 Premier League matches, averaging 0.27 goals per match.

Premier League Conversion Rate: His shot conversion rate in the Premier League is 13.6% (62 goals from 450 shots).

International Goals: Touré scored 19 goals in 101 international matches for the Ivory Coast, averaging 0.19 goals per match.

Peak Season: His best goalscoring season was in 2013/14 when he scored 20 goals in the Premier League.

Shot Conversion Rate in Peak Season: In the 2013/14 season, Touré’s shot conversion rate was 20% (20 goals from 100 shots).

These statistics demonstrate Touré’s consistent goal-scoring ability, particularly in his peak seasons. His shot conversion rates were relatively high, indicating his ability to convert chances into goals effectively.


Kevin De Bruyne’s goal-scoring rate over his career:

Premier League Goals: De Bruyne has scored a total of 68 goals in 260 Premier League appearances. This equates to a goal-scoring rate of 0.26 goals per match in the Premier League.

Peak Goalscoring Seasons: De Bruyne’s best goalscoring season was in 2019/20 when he scored 13 goals in the Premier League.
In the 2016/17 season, he scored 6 goals and provided 18 assists, demonstrating his ability to contribute both goals and creativity.

Shot Conversion Rate: De Bruyne has a career shot conversion rate of 10.3% in the Premier League.
Against Arsenal specifically, his shot conversion rate is higher at 18.4%.
In the 2023/24 season, his shot conversion rate is 15.38%, with 6.5 shots per goal scored.

So while De Bruyne is not primarily known as a prolific goalscorer, he has demonstrated the ability to contribute important goals, particularly in his peak seasons. His shot conversion rate suggests he is an efficient finisher, especially against certain opponents like Arsenal.
Overall, the statistics indicate that while goal-scoring is not De Bruyne’s primary strength, he is capable of scoring important goals and has had some highly productive goalscoring seasons over the course of his career.


I knew within a minute of the start that Kevin De Bruyne was in the mood to do something special. Yes, he scored four goals but I’m sure if City had needed to win by eight, he’d have ended up with six. Pep Guardiola said he was ‘beyond perfect’ and that was quite a description!

But this wasn’t just about his goals. It’s the little things you notice when you are in a stadium, being able to look at the full picture, that make the biggest impressions. De Bruyne presses opponents ferociously and doesn’t let them breathe, he drifts into little pockets and causes mayhem.

As good as Kevin is, he has surpass yaya toure and I will pick him 100 times in my team.


Yaya Touré, in his prime, was an unstoppable force in midfield, with exceptional strength, vision, and goal-scoring ability. He was a dominant player who controlled games and won numerous accolades.

Kevin De Bruyne, on the other hand, is a masterful playmaker with unparalleled passing range, vision, and creativity. He is a more tactical and disciplined player who controls the tempo of games and creates scoring opportunities for his teammates.

It’s a tough choice, but if I had to pick, I’d choose… Yaya Touré in his prime! His sheer strength, goal-scoring ability, and dominance in midfield make him a unique asset. However, De Bruyne’s exceptional vision and passing ability make him an incredibly valuable player in his own right. Ultimately, it depends on your team’s needs and playing style!


Both Kevin De Bruyne and Yaya Touré have an impressive spell in their prime. However, my choice would be De Bruyne who is a masterful playmaker. :heart_eyes:

De Bruyne: 611 Caps - 149 goals - 254 assists :fire: - 46,262’ minutes played

Yaya Touré: 626 caps - 104 goals - 73 assists - 49,647’ minutes played

Kevin De Bruyne career stats-1

Yaya Toure career stats-1