🏃‍♀️ Kathrine Switzer - First Woman to Run Marathon

Kathrine Switzer, one of running’s most iconic figures, is known not just for breaking barriers but also for creating positive global social change.

:running_woman: Kathrine Switzer became a hero of the women’s rights movement in 1967 after she officially completed the Boston Marathon, then all-male race. Having registered under the name KV Switzer, her gender went unnoticed by officials at the start line, but a few miles in she was attacked by an angry official who tried to pull her off the course – creating an enduring image of women’s rights history.

:stopwatch: With the help of a bodyblock from her boyfriend, Switzer evaded the official and finished the race in 4 hrs 20 minutes. On Apr 19th 1967 she broke the gender barrier for race.

:raised_hands: She later said, “I knew if I dropped out no one would believe women could run distances and deserved to be in the Boston Marathon.”

:v: Women were officially allowed to enter the Boston Marathon 5 years later in 1972, and to compete in the Olympics at the distance in 1984.

:sparkle: In Apr 2017, aged 70, she ran the Boston Marathon again, finishing just under 25 minutes slower in 4:44:31.


This is so inspiring. Great pioneer of women’s sport.

Running is not about gender. It’s about runners,” Switzer said


This is very inspiring!

Another inspiring Woman marathoner is Joan Samuelson. Samuelson won gold at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, the first year women were allowed to compete at the distance. Her times at the Chicago and the Olympic marathons are still the fastest times ever recorded by a woman. Her Boston Marathon time of 2:22:43 stood as the fastest time by an American woman for 28 years.

Benoit enjoyed success at non-marathon distances as well, winning the prestigious Falmouth Road Race (7.1 miles) a total of six times (1976, 1978, 1981–1983, and 1985), breaking the course record on four of those occasions.

She also ran in Boston Marathon 2018.


Respect and support to such a great spirit and women. Running always gives a feeling of being free. So run, feel the wind across your face and achieve your dreams.