It Probably would never happen, but will you scrap VAR if you had the opportunity to? 🤔


Complaints about VAR and the standard of refereeing remains the major talking points in the football world today.

Referees have always made mistakes and fans have always been unhappy with these mistakes and it doesn’t look to be stopping soon.

For obvious reasons the VAR has not really curbed officiating errors in football, it has even complicated it.

Will you scrap VAR if you had the chance to? Share your thoughts on this thread.


Here’s my opinion on this.

I don’t think the VAR should be scrapped off. In as much as the technology has raised a lot of controversy since it’s introduction, I still think it’s done more good than harm. It should instead be improved and solve all its irregularities and make it better to be used.

Taking off VAR shouldn’t be considered at all.