Is sportstar's biopic really depict their inner story of life journey?

Scripting a biopic usually comes down to what works best for the ‘character’ and the story. Traditionally, biopics follow the ‘cradle to grave’ structure that follows the character’s life chronologically, with the most well-known accomplishments providing the drama. There’s also a framing device of sorts that gives a glimpse of what’s to come right at the beginning.


Any biopic or biography rarely does.

Many things are stated truthfully But,There is always ego, vanity, bias and prejudices. Then there is intent to whitewash something or other. And lastly attempts to settle scores.

What comes out finally is a mishmash of all this.


I do believe most of the biopics do depict the stories of the sports stars, their triumphs and struggles, which the common man is unaware of. Yes, to some degree, Bollywood does a great job of exaggerating or undermining few real life incidents and adding the necessary ‘masala’ to ensure commercial success.

Some of the biopics that were not only commercially successful but also turned out to be inspiring stories - Mary Kom, Dangal, M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

However, I do find it amusing when biopics are discussed of players who are still competing and yet to reach the legendary status. It just seems pre-mature to even talk about creating biopics at this stage.

I personally would want to see a biopic on Dhyan Chand being made in the back drop of Pre and Post-Independence era.

There is one new biopic on Kapil Dev to be released sometime. It will be interesting to see how this movie measures up.


Most of the Biographies presented on the screen are more of a hailography. They generally exaggerate the events while removing the questionable decision our character takes. However, there definitely might be a few exceptions but I haven’t seen any. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you @Anubhav1 for sharing your view. It can be seen that most real stories of Biopic get into transformation because of its cinematography needs but tries to keep its realism as much they can. It is also true as you mentioned that they exaggerate events and change the scenario of the character as well in the biopic.


Thanking you @Yogesh for sharing your opinion. It is true that biopic goes through several stages and portrays several incidents in the character’s life which can be contrasting and dominating and finally given to the audience to decide the real impact of the story. Therefore, it is true as you expressed at the end of the story, the focus is given on settling score but the journey still goes on for them as well.


I really appreciate @Jay for your thought about the Biopic in our Indian cinema. We will all have to wait and see how these upcoming traditional biopic (Dhyan Chand, Kapil Dev) will depict the real story of these living legends and how it will be analyzed by our audience. Biopic must be inspiring and should get connected with our own journey.