Is MSG really working for Barcelona?

Barcelona had a hard time in the first half against Inter Milan. The SerieA side played some scintillating counter-attacking football in the first 70 mins but what just made them lose the match was their lack of experience and the introduction of Arturo Vidal.

But what drew the real attention was Griezmann struggling to connect with Lionel Messi and Luiz Suarez. Unlike the unforgettable attacking trio of Messi, Suarez and Neymar this trio has failed to produce and the 120 million star signing from Atletico this summer hasn’t been able to prove his worth or create some realistic chance in the box or from outside.

Is it too early to say that Barca has done another mistake? Or is Griezmann another flop signing like Coutinho.


Yes, it is too early to say that Griezmann is a flop signing for Barcelona but there is also no denying to the fact that Griezmann has struggled to get acquainted with other players on the field. He’s however scored 3 goals for Barca in La Liga but without Messi the current squad looks fragile.

We all know how clinical Griezmann has been for Atletico and France in the past. He’s a talent that needs time to show his A-class game but i’m sure he ready to steal the show in the coming days. Stop comparing MSN and MSG. Its a whole new different combination


Agree with @Yash - I think it is too early to pass any judgement on Barca’s new frontline who are capable of helping the Catalans to 100 goals this season too.

Barca’s front trio record in past few years - In 2018/19 they combined for 97 goals, 2017/18 they grabbed 105, while in 2016/17 they bagged 117 goals.

2015/16 was the best season for the trio when Messi scored 41, Suarez 59 and Griezmann 32 - the best records of Suarez and Griezmann.

MSN’s record

In 2015/16 , MSN had peaked their goal tally to 131 with Neymar contributing 31 goals. This feat broke Real Madrid 's front three’s total of 118 goals from 2011/12.

The MSN partnership had developed a special off the field bonding as well which they still continue to share. So, Griezmann will need some time to gel in and prove to be another fearsome trio while Ernesto Valverde will also have to find a way to make it work.


Speaking to the media before the team’s Champions League clash with Inter Milan, Griezmann had this to say:

“It’s very hard to adapt 100% in two months,”

“I’ve just got here, there’s a different philosophy and I need to learn and improve in certain areas. I feel comfortable here but I need time to improve, particularly on my movement without the ball and I need to get more involved in the play."

“I feel good and confident but I know I lack a few things to be the best player I can be. I think I’m on the right path.”

On Messi, he added: “He’s not a person who talks much and neither am I. It’s hard but I’ve had a ‘mate’ tea with him and we’re going in a good direction. He’s been injured a lot, so it’s hard to learn and improve that connection. We’re both good guys and I’m here to help anyone in the team.”

So, let’s give him a fair chance before we start critically reviewing his performance.