Is Manchester United lucky to win 4-0 against Chelsea?


In a game against Manchester United vs chelsea, Manchester United came out as the winner 4-0. However those of us watching the game could have clearly tell that Chelsea was the better choice of the two. Do you think Manchester United was lucky to win 4-0?


Chelsea were the better choice only in the first half. They had 2 decent chances but were unfortunate as the ball hit the woodwork. But United were excellent with counter-attacks and that is how they managed to seal the show in the 2nd half. They now seem to have solved the problem of defense line and yesterday, for me United were way better than Chelsea. We clearly felt the absence of Hazard.


United tore Chelsea apart in 2nd half. Big victory over Chelsea with a clean sheet. Should we say exciting glimpse of the future? :hugs:


The defeat was embarrassing and hurts but there is no need to panic just yet. Chelsea team played more passes and had more shots than United players. Chelsea managed 17 attempts on goal and five shots on target. That was better than United’s total of 8 attempts on goal and just 5 on target.

It just looks like lady luck was not on Chelsea side.


I do not think so, Great performance by the United! Rashford with 2 goals and Daniel James with a debut goal. Pogba vision and assist are amazing! Wan Bissaka, Maguire are solid at the back! It is going to be a wonderful season ahead!


Superb second half performance from Manchester United and Chelsea were very unlucky in that first half, but the loss of Hazard will cost them many points.


Okay. Being a Manchester United fan this is gonna be very very very difficult to say but yes Manchester United were super lucky to win 4-0 against Chelsea. This scoreline is very generous on united. By the time first half ended united could have been trailing by 1 or 2 goals. The United midfield was non existent in 1st half and even in second half except a few magical moments from pogba the midfield didn’t exist at all. Martial even though he scored, struggled and should not be judged by the one goal he scored. The only good part about this win was that we can see a glimpse of the future where united can rampage high playing sides with counter attacking football. However I am afraid for united against sides who like to sit deep. @Yash @Rohan @Dinesh @Aagman @Lokesh what do you guys think about United’s tactics?


Martial was unnecessarily holding the ball too much and yes you’re right, the midfield was pale. The improvement was in the defense line where United struggled last season But this was just against Chelsea, who had a new manager and hardly had any star player. The defense was shaky and with David Luiz transferred to Arsenal they clearly struggled.
Chelsea after transfer ban couldn’t pick any star players despite making money from the Hazard transfer. But the same performance from united won’t give them the result against top giants like Liverpool and City