Is Manchester United better than Liverpool?

Hey, so I am new to football and started watching about 4 months ago. My friends told me that Liverpool is the best team in the world because they won champions league. Also when I saw Manchester United vs chelsea, United won very easily but yesterday Liverpool struggled to win against Chelsea. Does that mean Manchester United is better than Chelsea?


Weird logic I would say but as you are new to football it would work. See the thing is that Manchester United and Liverpool are very big rivals, they can be compared to India vs Pakistan. Now lets come back to the point.

  1. Football is a sport which depend on the day. That is a team’s performance can be extremely good or extremely bad on different days. Here against Manchester United Chelsea played really bad football in the second half, against Liverpool their performance was much much improved.
  2. The star against Liverpool was N Golo Kante and another player who played well was Christian Pulisic, a star American. Both of these players weren’t much involved against United and came on as late substitute.
  3. Yes, Liverpool are struggling. They are generally late starters. Wait for the right time. This season is again going to be a cracker the winner will be either liverpool or City
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Historically…difficult to answer… Both went through periods of massive success, which are behind them now. Both have passionate fan bases.

Commercially… without a doubt united. Manchester united is a commercial juggernaut.

Currently as a team I’d go for Liverpool, they’ve a manager that fits with the club’s identity. The team has a solid core of players. Whereas United have a misfit of a manager whose philosophy to the game clashes with the one that fergie built over his tenure. Big money signings with huge egos (including the manager). Failure to integrate and develop talented young players who’d be united through and through (Martial, Rashford). ManU seems to be in a soup and looking like trying to fix their problems by throwing money at it.

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