Is Malinga the the best yorker specialist our time has ever seen?


Lasith Mallinga was one of the most deadly bowlers of our times. There were many batsman who used to tremble on his name. I still remember his 4 wickets in 4 bowls in the world cup match against South Africa when he single handedly won the game. There have been many games which he won single handedly. Today is his last game. Was he the best death over bowlers we ever saw?


I won’t say the best, coz i still remember Virat Kohli’s 6 fours in 6 balls to Malinga. He’s had a roller coaster career if you look at his graph. From taking retirement and then coming back in 2019. But one thing, he’s been the most deadliest bowler in IPL. He’s single handedly won games for MI. Although he called his test career off really soon like Mohammad Amir today. But that was only coz he would focus more on white ball cricket. His toe crunching yorkers and slower balls will be remembered for lifetime, but what will be missed is the hairstyle which in India they call the Maggi hairdo! :smiley:


Malinga in his prime bowled the best yorkers I have seen but I believe Jasprit Bumrah who shares the dressing room with his idol in Mumbai Indians can eclipse him in this regard very soon. The control and precision Bumrah has with his yorkers is unparalleled.


Good Yorkers, But far from best. Among current lot Bumrah is Best. Starc & Rabada come close second.

When we talk of past, Wasim Akram, Joel Garner, Curtly Ambrose, Waqar, Zaheer Khan were capable proponents of Yorkers. Their height advantage made Garner & Ambrose very lethal with Yorkers. Both these were special case with equally dangerous bouncers. Both could come at your toes or throat all day!


Malinga played his last ODI yesterday against Bangladesh. The Yorker and Death Over King had a great ODI career -
338 Wickets - Third highest for Srilanka
56 World Cup Wickets - Third highest overall
3 Hat-Tricks - The most in ODIs

What a career! :boom:


He was undoubtedly the master of his craft. Especially if you look at the way he performed in his prime. Though there might have been the Wasim Akrams, the Waqar Younis’, the Mcgrath’s, but Lasith Malinga was indefinitely one of those bowlers who belonged to that same class and executed his brilliance even in this era of hard hit cricket.