Is it possible messi can make a move to Real Madrid?

is it possible to let messi make the move to real Madrid. and who replaces messi during his transfer
Let talk over it now


Messi moving to Real Madrid is very very unlikely, in fact I might be right to call it an impossible move because of the intense rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Transfer of players rarely takes place between the two clubs.


Neymar has asked Messi to join him at PSG. There were also reports of Man CIty being interested. One of the candidates for next Barca president has talked about turning Messi into Barca’s Jordan and offering him lifetime project. May be a management change at Barca may change Messi’s mind. Right now, possibilities are too many and too uncertain.



Even if Messi leaves Barca he would never join Real Madrid as he would have to play Barca very frequently in the La Liga.


Agree with @Goodness

After spending more than half of his life harboring fierce rivalry for Real Madrid, I doubt Messi would ever hold his loyalty towards Barca at stake.

If not at Barca, then I would like to see Messi join his old boss Pep Guardiola at Man City and relive another golden era of legendary moments.


Same here! I’m eager to see Messi play in the premier league. I hope the move happens real soon


The choice of Messi family also seems to be England if they leave eventually!

But, It would be romantic for him to retire at Barca with full honour after giving it everything he had!


Lionel Messi to Real Madrid? No, i don’t think that messi will be transferred into Real Madrid. Because Barca would never allow this and Madrid isn’t gonna pay that release clause. it’s just not feasible…


Messi is a child from Masia, he grew up with the beginning of the team, if he leaves, it is more probable that he will go to Manchester City with Tom Pepe.

scouting messi /2021
Lionel Messi was born on June 24, 1987. He is currently 33 years old and plays as a Wide Man for FC Barcelona in Spain. His overall rating in is 93 with a potential of 93. Messi has got a 4-star skillmoves rating. He prefers to shoot with his left foot. His workrates are Medium / Low. Messi’s height is 170 cm cm and his weight is estimated at 72 kg kg according to our database. Currently, Lionel Messi is playing with number 10. His best stats are: Ball Control: 96, Dribbling: 96, Composure: 96, Vision: 95, Balance: 95.