Is India vs Bangladesh the new India vs Pakistan?


India vs Pakistan were always one of the most sought after matches in International cricket. However, past few years have seen a plethora of one side matches between these two sides. On the other hand from nidahas to Asia cup final, India vs Bangladesh matches are turning into a more exciting affair with each passing day. The rivalry between the two nations is getting uglier by every match. Do you think these two are gonna be the next two big rivals of Asia?


IndoPak has special flavour. Other things may get uglier & bitter but can’t compare to IndoPak. There never can be a BKMKB! :smile:


No doubt at all that Bangladesh has improved their game over the years. It’s just not against India. We saw how they were clinical against New Zealand, Australia and other major teams. So labelling them as underdogs isn’t justified at all. Not a long time until we see young energetic Bangladeshi boys lifting the World Cup. And just to say, the board matters too right? Not everyone is BCCI. :smile:


India has special rivalry bonding with Pakistan, one of the most extreme and intensified sports rivalries in the world. Even ICC reverted to reduced teams and old round-robin format to make sure more games are played and importantly make sure there is at least one blockbuster India-Pakistan match for money spinner India, a billion+ cricket following in both countries and mainly to satisfy broadcasters. The financial stakes are just too high to let this rivalry fizzle.

I also don’t see this anticipation and fierce rivalry mutually shared by fans in both countries to go away anytime soon.