Is England really the best team of this World Cup?

For the last one year we have been hearing that England is the best team of this World Cup. There have been theories that they have the best batting attack. However, as things are becoming clear one thing which is evident now is that they have batsman who are flat tracks bullies and a good bowling performance can stop them. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have already defeated them. Their bowling attack seems highly dependent on jofra archer and even he is not in the same category as bumrah and rabada that is its not like he is unplayable. Spinners who at best can be called at par. Are they really the best team? Are they choking under pressure? They have games against Australia, New Zealand and India left. Can they now qualify for the next round? And more importantly if they really are the best team, are they the worst best team ever?



I don’t think they are the best team. I think New Zealand is a better team but once they play against the top teams we will know.

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Clear weaknesses came out after yesterday’s match against Sri Lanka. England are in a critical condition for the top 4 with their upcoming fixtures against the best teams. The tournament is now bringing Kick! :rofl::rofl: