IPL: Kohli's Toss loosing streak continues


After losing the toss again against RR, his losing streak still continues. He hilariously trolls himself saying "I was trying to practice the coin toss. Nothing seems to be working. I’ve lost 10 tosses out of 13!’. Will his bad luck continues even in the World Cup and will it affect the chances of India winning the Cup?


Toss definitely plays crucial role in factors like due, chasing in critical matches etc.

But, I believe we should not worry about Kohli’s Luck. Truthfully, I don’t believe in things like. Its just random happenstance that Kohli happened to lose a few tosses in succession. From tomorrow he may even win a few in a row. Luck almost always even out in long run.


Faint-hearted people believe in luck. It’s good to see Kohli find humor in such situations. I think Virat is much stronger to let luck dictate his team’s and a billion fans’ aspirations. In a way RCB’s disappointing performance may prove to be a boon as this is going to positively flare up his passion with the required zeal to win the World Cup!


Well @Jay, I too wholeheartedly agree with you, as for a player with such passion and emotions even luck can’t hold him back.