Interesting World Cup Trivia!


Abandoned Matches In World Cup

1975 to 2015WC - 2 Times
2019WC - 4 Times*


On this day, 36 years ago, Kapil Dev walked in at 17 for 5 and changed cricket history. That 175* against Zimbabwe at Tunbridge Wells in the 1983 World Cup is what legends are made of! :muscle:


Sakib scored two consecutive hundreds in CWC2019. But, Who holds record for most consecutive hundreds in WC?

It’s Silky Sanga. Kumar sangakkara got four, come again… :astonished: four consucative centuries in 2015. Beginning with Bangladesh, followed by England, then Australia and finally Scotland in group stage.


How many overall did he score in World Cup? 4 or 5?


He got 5, One against NZ in 2011.


This Indian team now has four wicket-keepers!!! :astonished:

MS Dhoni - Dinesh Karthik - Rishabh Pant - L Rahul

Is this a record?


Looks like to me. :innocent: