🚨 If Man City sign Declan Rice, can we already consider the title race OVER?

:rotating_light: If Man City sign Declan Rice, can we already consider the title race OVER? :thinking:


:rotating_light: You’re Declan Rice. You have two main options:

:one: Sign for Arsenal. Play every minute of every match. Captain within a year. No guarantee of trophy.
:two: Sign for Man City. Rotated more. Guaranteed trophies.

Who do you sign for? :thinking:


:one: Sign for Arsenal and play every minute of every match. :white_check_mark:

:two: Signing for a champion club does not guarantee trophies. Also, as with failure, success too is impermanent. Many times you will observe there comes stagnancy when clubs/players reach their peak. We saw that with Liverpool, Chelsea and similarly with players. We have seen how Ronaldo’s move to Al Nassr, the defending Champions of Saudi League didn’t guarantee a trophy for them this season.

I also think Man City could reach a plateau next season with some of the players like Ilkay Gündogan, Kyle Walker, Bernardo Silva and possibly more departing.

I think signing with Arsenal would be a better option if the offers are comparable and if he gets better visibility at Arsenal.


I hope that for the sake of the rest of the league Arsenal signs Declan Rice eventually. City adding Rice to their already stacked team will only mean that the premier league title is heading to Manchester city for the fourth time in a row! :upside_down_face:


Declan Rice still prefers to join Arsenal in spite of interest from champions Manchester City, per The Guardian