If Arsenal don't win the Premier League, has this season been a failure? 🤔

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Let’s dive into a crucial discussion: Is Arsenal’s potential failure to clinch the Premier League title despite a season-long challenge a sign of failure? As the race heats up and Arsenal’s grip on the title loosens, it’s time to dissect what defines success in football.

Join us as we weigh the expectations, performances, and the broader context of footballing success.

Your insights could shape the debate and shed light on the essence of victory and defeat in the beautiful game.


Not really though but as the primary objective of every successful team is to win trophies, it is as the same as failure When we go trophiless again this season.
Notwithstanding, Arteta tried his very best to show his capability of returning to where Arsenal FC truly belongs.


Always remember Arsenal is not a football club, it’s a TV series, that’s why their fans will always wait for next season :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It is absolutely a failure if they fail to win the premier league in my opinion. They were in a better position to lift the trophy for weeks and has now started dropping points at the most crucial moment of the season. Success in football is mostly measured by the trophies won, and if Arsenal fails to deliver that, it’s not a successful season in any way.


As of today, Arsenal is sitting on top of the table with the highest goals scored (77 goals), least goals conceded (26 goals) and the best goal difference (51 goals).

I wouldn’t consider it as a failure if Arsenal do not win the Premier League title this season. It would be just a matter of bad luck if they do not win the league title. Finishing 2nd or 3rd in the Premier League in such a close race should not be considered a failure, highlighting the progress Arsenal has made and the competitiveness they have brought to the league.

Since Arteta joined as manager:

  • 2020-21 Season - 8th Place - 61 points
  • 2021-22 Season - 5th Place - 69 points
  • 2022-23 Season - 2nd Place - 84 points
  • 2023-24 Season - 1st Place as of today 23 Apr, 2024 - 74 points (5 more matches to go) :fire:

Clearly Arteta has accomplished a turnaround for Arsenal over the past four seasons. I think Arsenal keeping Man City and Liverpool on their toes in a tense chase, is itself a great feat for Arsenal. :smile: Any miss to the title would be just hard luck.