How would you rate Mohammed Kudus' first season in the Premier League so far? 🇬🇭

How would you rate Mohammed Kudus’ first season in the Premier League so far? :ghana:


Mohammed Kudus has had an impressive first season in the Premier League so far. He is currently leading in successful dribbles, having completed 66 dribbles, making him the best dribbler in the league. showcasing his skill and impact on the field

Kudus’ performance in the Premier League compared to other midfielders has been notable. Additionally, Kudus has shown versatility by playing in various positions such as attacking midfielder, forward, and central midfielder, demonstrating his adaptability and effectiveness across different roles. His ability to contribute both offensively and defensively is evident through his goal-scoring record and defensive contributions like tackles, interceptions, and recoveries per 90 minutes.

Overall, Kudus’ performance stands out due to his dribbling prowess, goal-scoring capabilities, and defensive efforts, making him a key player in the Premier League midfield.


Sometimes, Kudus can make the wrong final pass which can blunt the attacks. Often, his poor decision-making is due to him carrying the ball for too long due to avoiding using his right foot.
His weak-foot usage & weak-foot ability is poor. Kudus is clearly not as comfortable on his right foot, so he doesn’t use it or force himself into positions where he’ll have to use it.

Kudus also needs to improve his 2-way ability as a winger, as he is more dominant on his left side and can become too predictable on the wings. So for him to become the best possible version of himself as an RW this is the area he needs to develop.


:ghana: Mohammed Kudus provided an assist in back to back games as West Ham beat Everton over the weekend.

Kudus has 13 goal contributions in all competitions for the Hammers this season. He’s definitely up there as one of the signings of the season.