🚨 How do you feel about Chelsea's relationship with Saudi Arabia?

:rotating_light: Gary Neville has called for the Premier League to put an instant halt on transfers to Saudi Arabia amid Chelsea’s potential sales.

“I do believe, at this moment in time, transfers should be halted until you look into the ownership structure at Chelsea and whether there are beneficial transfer dealings that are improper.”

Kanté :point_right: :saudi_arabia: :white_check_mark:
Ziyech :point_right: :saudi_arabia: :white_check_mark:

Koulibaly :point_right: :saudi_arabia: :soon:
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Hudson-Odoi :point_right: :saudi_arabia: :question:

:saudi_arabia: Saudi invest billions into Clearlake Capital, Chelsea’s majority owner.

And then ease their FFP worries, by taking all unwanted players.

What are your thoughts on Chelsea’s recent transfer dealings with Saudi Arabia? Share your thoughts


The Saudi Pro League might really sign all of these players from Chelsea :exploding_head:
Saudi pro league are really interested to Chelsea players based on there talent, nothing much.


Chelsea appear to have struck gold in Saudi Arabia with a number of clubs from the Gulf State willing to take a vast array of players off their hands.

This will help Chelsea who is currently in the midst of a dramatic squad rebuild at Stamford Bridge and Todd Boehly’s huge spend since acquiring the London club has left them with a bloated side that struggles to fit into the dressing room. Moving these big names on to Saudi Arabia will ease Chelsea’s financial troubles, benefiting Clearlake Capital and their investors, who include the Saudi PIF.

However, I agree with Gary Neville.


I agree with Gary Neville that these questionable and possible improper dealings need to be investigated and the ownership structure at Chelsea needs to be looked at.

Everything in Saudi is a state run show so there is no question of FFP -Financial fair play enforcement in Saudi Arabia. Clubs there will not be concerned about complying with the rules that are restricting what their European counterparts can spend.