Has Erik Ten Hag had a better season than Mikel Arteta? 🤔

The FA Cup final has been won and the dust has settled! :trophy:

Manchester United’s Erik ten Hag and Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta have both had impressive seasons, but the question on everyone’s mind is… who had the better season? :thinking:

Join the debate! Share your thoughts, stats, and opinions in our dedicated thread. Did Ten Hag’s FA Cup win and 8th place finish surpass Arteta’s league dominance and European progress? Or did Arteta’s consistency and youth development make his season more impressive? :speech_balloon:


The fact remains that Ten Hag’s team were bad for most part of the season and also lacked enough consistency required at a top club like Manchester United. An Fa Cup triumph doesn’t make them a better team than Arsenal this season.

Arsenal might have missed out on the title narrowly but they were far one of the best teams in the league this season generally.


Literally looking at Manchester united team you can’t compare with Arsenal team, although Manchester united won the FA cup which I can say they won it miraculously, Arsenal had a better season which Arteta managed, and he also won the best manager global award.


The facts are that in 20 or 30 years time no one will remember Arsenal coming 2 in the league with what is a very decent side for two years in a row but it’s literally been written that United have an FA cup and a league cup in 2 troubled seasons.


There’s a reason why Ten hag’s job is currently in doubt while Arteta is not under any sort of pressure. United’s FA Cup win does not justify the abysmal season Man Utd has had. Ten hag did not have a better season than Arteta :+1:t3: