Hardik Pandya's surgery picture going viral - What's the big deal about the watch?

On Saturday, Hardik Pandya updated his social media fans about the successful surgery he underwent in London, United Kingdom. While well wishes poured in, few couldn’t help but notice the bling bling on his wrist, apparently a really expensive one.

So, what’s so special of this particular time-keeper piece? Any details?


What Pandya is wearing is no ordinary watch!! He is sporting a Patek Philippe Nautilus. I did some research after your question. And here is the information :

The rounded-octagonal timepiece is manufactured by the legendary Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe and is considered by many as the “holy grail” in the watch industry.

This exclusive watch retails at a whopping price tag of Rs 1.2 crore and upwards and has a wait time of 3-5 years. This rare watch can go for as high as Rs 13 crore.

Guess Pandya is so fond of his watch that he wanted to wear it to the surgery too. :joy:


For those who are interested in buying Pandya’s watch, they can buy online - The site is offering Free shipping to India! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: No wait time either!! :rofl:


Wore it specially for this pic! He gotta maintain his status, doesnt matter if he is sick. Swag kam nai hona chaie.


I totally agree with this point. He is a showbiz guy! Even though athletes these days are off-field they keep the momentum going through social media so that people ‘bhool na jaye unko.’


No second thoughts that Hardik is a man of bling. He makes money talk but needs to still learn at least a lesson of gratitude. Cricketers these days earn more from endorsements and ads than their actually pay from BCCI and money can make anyone forget where they actually came from. As they say ‘Stick to your bases’, but Hardik has this swag on cloud nine.

He’s outspoken at times and recently too he committed an act of immaturity when he wished Zaheer Khan on his birthday with a tweet, which moreover was like showing superiority. Netizens backlashed at him with comments like ‘Get some Class’ and money makes you forget seniority. But he shuts everyone’s mouth with his game and that is what matters.