Haaland vs Harry Kane: You can only pick ONE striker to lead your side.. Who are you choosing? 🤔

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Calling all football aficionados! :rotating_light: Are you ready to settle the ultimate striker showdown? It’s time to dive into the age-old debate: Harry Kane vs. Erling Haaland! :soccer:

Join us for a heated discussion on who reigns supreme on the pitch. From clinical finishes to unparalleled athleticism, these two giants of the game have captured our hearts and headlines alike. But who truly holds the title of the better striker?


Harry Kane is a more complete forward than Haaland, Kane is the total package of what you’ll expect from a Center forward. Creativity, vision, dribbling, and lots more. Haaland is just a good goal scorer with no other exceptional attributes. Kane is the better striker overall.


Strengths and Weaknesses of Haaland and Kane as Strikers:

Erling Haaland:


  • Goal-Scoring Prowess: Haaland has shown exceptional goal-scoring ability, scoring 36 goals in 35 Premier League games, with a goal roughly every 77 minutes in 2022/23 Premier League season.
  • Assists: Despite being known for his goal-scoring, Haaland also recorded 8 assists in the 2022/23 PL season, showcasing his ability to create opportunities for his teammates.
  • Efficiency: Haaland’s finishing ability and pace have been highlighted as remarkable, making him a highly efficient striker in front of goal.


  • Playing Style: Haaland is more of a classic number nine striker, which might limit his involvement in build-up play compared to players like Kane who drop deep and contribute more to the team’s overall play.
  • Dependence on Teammates: Haaland’s assists and overall performance can be influenced by the quality of his team, as highlighted by his Expected Assists (xA) being less than Kane’s, indicating that his team’s finishing affects his assist numbers.

Harry Kane:


  • All-Round Game: Kane is known for his all-round performances, dropping deep, creating opportunities, and being a talismanic figure for his team, contributing to 43% of Tottenham’s goals.
  • Assists: While recording fewer assists than Haaland, Kane’s Expected Assists (xA) suggest that he could have had more assists if playing in a team like City, showcasing his playmaking abilities.
  • Consistency: Kane has a proven track record of goal-scoring, with 280 Premier League goals and a top scorer for Spurs.


  • Goal-Scoring Rate: Kane’s goal-scoring rate is slightly lower than Haaland’s, with a goal every 113 minutes in the Premier League, compared to Haaland’s 77 minutes. Kane scored 30 goals in 38 Premier League games in 2022/23 Premier League season.
  • Team Dependency: Kane’s impact and goal-scoring numbers can be influenced by the team he plays in, as seen by his xG being lower than Haaland’s, indicating that his finishing ability compensates for his team’s weaknesses.

In summary, Haaland excels in goal-scoring efficiency and has shown versatility in providing assists, while Kane’s strength lies in his all-round game, playmaking abilities, and consistency in front of goal. Both players bring unique qualities to their teams, making them top strikers in the football world.




Haaland’s explosiveness and goal-scoring prowess, while Kane’s all-around abilities and experience is impressive.

Haaland is known for his incredible pace, strength, and finishing ability. His athleticism and ability to dribble past defenders make him a potent attacking threat. He has demonstrated remarkable consistency in scoring goals at a young age, both domestically and in European competitions.

Harry Kane is renowned for his intelligent movement, clinical finishing, and exceptional vision on the field. He is versatile, capable of scoring various types of goals, whether it be from long range, headers, or poaching inside the box.
Kane’s ability to link up play and provide assists adds another dimension to his game, making him a complete forward.

Both players are among the elite strikers in world football and their performances consistently contribute to their respective teams’ success.


Audience please, I Will choose Harry Kane over and over again, haaland is a good player and a goal scorer and also better striker, but you see harry Kane, he is so exceptional, pointing from any spot harry Kane can score, accurate goal, accurate passes, assist, and lot more.


Harry Kane is the probably the most complete striker in world football. Currently the best in the world as well. Haaland is not at that level yet.


So true. Harry Kane is the most complete striker, even Haaland can’t stand Lewandoski not to talk of harry Kane. Haaland is still coming up and i know one day he is going to do better than kane