Gareth Bale: What does the future hold for Real Madrid's talented Welsh forward?


It has been a frustrating season for Gareth Bale at Real Madrid and not to get a chance to play against Betis for the 2-0 home loss.

After 6 years in Spain during which time he has won 13 trophies and 4 European Cup triumphs, Bale has fulfilled a prediction of few at the time of his world record £85m move from Spurs that he would enjoy the best years of career outside UK.

What do you think - Has he proved to be a Success or Flop?

Bale is entitled to £55m in his deal which runs to 2022. By not offering Bale a potential final appearance at a club for which he has played 231 times, has Zidane indicated of the times to come if Bale sticks around for the remainder term?

What are Bale’s options : Stay with RM or Chance at Man United or Back to Spurs or PSG or elsewhere?


He has been a success for me. Why? - not everyone can be a Ronaldo. When he was bought the expectations were sky high. He was seen as the successor to Ronaldo. Madrid’s answer to neymar. And he also scored a lot of goals too. However a lot of people are judging him over his records but what we often forget that a player’s performance is not judged by his stats but his performance in crucial games, how the player stands the pressure when his back is against the wall. And Gareth bale always came out on the top. A goal in 2014 ucl final, 2018 ucl final bicycle kick. Who can even forget those? Gareth bale’s impact if compared with a normal player has been exceptional. You can’t expect everyone to be a Ronaldo or messi. Because if that is the case even neymar, mbappe and even Ronaldo at Juventus has been a flop.

PS. TL;DR I have been a huge fan of Gareth bale, why? I guess the year was 2010 or 2009, don’t remember the exact year. I had just started watching ucl. There was a defender, a wing back called maicon who was feared upon by the whole football fraternity. Maicon was a Brazilian who was often touted as the best defender ever, the opposition team of Tottenham, they had a young left back (yes you read it right, no need to read again) a left back, a youth product of Southampton Gareth bale. Everyone was expecting inter who was a force to be reckoned with during those times to easily walk past spurs. The show was going as per the schedule, first half inter 4- spurs 0. The then manager of spurs Harry rednkap moved Gareth bale a little further in the second half and thereafter, what we saw was unexplainable. Maicon, the best defender was mocked by our own Gareth bale, Bale dribbled past Maicon as if Maicon was a petty schoolboy. Though spurs lost it, but I fell in love with his guy, Gareth bale.
Do watch the highlights of you get the time, he was a treat to watch


A FLOP for me. I’m not saying he is a flop player, but he’s been a FLOP for Real Madrid as they have failed to utilise the ability of such a sensational player. Being the most expensive transfer for Real Madrid in 2013 at a whopping cost of €100m, the Welsh winger had an incredible first season, after he scored a wonder goal that saw Madrid beat Barcelona in the final of the Copa del Rey and headed home a crucial second in the Champions League final against Atletico. Although he was always under the shadow of Ronaldo and mostly been used as a substitute, he proved his mark and was expected to be the next big thing for Real after that Bicycle kick in 2018 and if anyone saw the post-match celebration and Perez congratulating Bale with a big hug it was clear that Santiago would now look up to Bale as the successor of Ronaldo. He’s been targeted by the fans, sidelined by the manager himself and replaced by amateurs like Isco, Asensio, Diaz, Vinicius in first team. Anyone who has closely seen Bale play for Spurs knows this man’s ability. He needs space, as he has the speed and run to dribble any given defender. Instead of saying Bale was a flop in Madrid, I would like to put it the other way. Real failed to utilize the talent of Bale. Injuries were a big concern too but the recent act of Zidane makes it clear that they no longer want him at Madrid. I personally want Bale to shift his base and show what actually he’s capable of.


Bale is no longer n the list of favorites at RM. Neither manager nor the fans are in his favor any more.

He seems to be not willing to leave though. Bale did not say goodbye to anyone; not his team-mates, not the coaching fans, nor the supporters because he has no plans to leave.He right now has a very fat pay packet and three years left on the contract. He is ready to play golf if not selected. In his own words, “If they want me to go, they’ll need to pay me £15m per season. If not, I’ll stay here. And if I have to play golf, I will.”

Interesting situation right now. Let’s see how it pans out.


Zidane is a disgrace!"

Gareth Bale’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, is furious with Zidane’s comments on the Welsh winger.

Zinedine Zidane: “Bale today did not play because he is very close to leave. We hope he leaves soon, if tomorrow it’d be better! We are working on his transfer to a new team”

A bitter case of manager spoiling a career?


This is just so unprofessional of Zidane to comment on Bale with so much bitterness. Wonder what could have gone so terribly wrong for matters to go to such extreme?!


Apparently, he is moving to China where he will become the highest paid footballer in the world, earning 1 million pounds per week! However, if Bale moves to China, he will only be proving Madrid and Zidane’s stance (which was disrespectful to be fair) correct.
He may have had tough time with injuries and suffered from bouts of inconsistencies, but he still won them titles including the Champions Leagues and deserves a fair shot at a competitive Premier League club.


That has been the case with Real Madrid over the years. Lack of respect showed by some of their local fans, and their very own president Florentino Perez emits that negativity within the club. It was just a matter of time before Zidane got into the act to. What surprises me is that Gareth Bale single handedly won them two trophies against two of the biggest clubs in Europe through his brilliance. The first act of brilliance was his unbelievable run versus arch rivals Barcelona when he was derailed off the pitch Batra, in spite of that came back in, overtook Batra, ran towards the goalkeeper, and nutmegged him to win the Copa del Rey for Madrid. The second was obviously the overhead kick versus Liverpool in the finals of the UCL. It surprises me that in spite all of his heroics he hasn’t been shown the respect that he needs to be shown, but then again it was the same Real Madrid who booed Cristano Ronaldo on quite a few instances when he didn’t have a good game. Never the less, I think that Gareth Bale did make an impact in Real Madrid in his very own ways and at least had the character to continue playing for the same club while winning numerous amounts of silverware. We all know what Neymar did once he was being overshadowed by Leo Messi. So one has to respect Bale for that and I honestly want him to return to EPL where he will be considered like a true hero.


Bale has played only 53% of the games during his time at RMCF. And his wages are way much higher. Much more than CR7. The other day a friend addressed him as a ‘bench warmer’ and a ‘non-performing asset’ which was pretty harsh. Bale has been unlucky with his injuries and in a professional set up sympathy can be given but not wages without work. He draws a handsome salary, which can only be administered either by Psg or Chinese clubs. An expensive player indeed !


Though the last minute block by RM board prevented Bale’s departure, Things are not Rosy at all between him and Zidane.

Bale has claimed to have been “made more of a scapegoat than most” for the team’s shortcomings. Zidane disagrees, says “all guilty if things go wrong or if things go right” He goes on to state “he’s got amazing quality, Gareth Bale”

So, the differences still remain there, Bale is still bitter at the way he was treated. Let’s see how this pans out in the future.