Gareth Bale’s next Club: Tottenham, Manchester United, Bayern Munich or Beijing Guoan? Where will the Real Madrid star move?


After being shunned by manager Zinedine Zidane and after being left out of the squad for the club’s preseason friendly against Bayern Munich, Gareth Bale must make one of the 4 choices to decide his future.

Option 1: Stay at Real Madrid for around £500,000 a week for 3 years, fight for his place and maybe not play an awful lot of football.

Option 2: Go to China for a world record contract offer worth £1 million per week with Chinese Super League club Beijing Guoan.

Option 3 : Move back to the Premier League - Tottenham or Manchester United at a considerable pay cut.

Option 4 : Move to top European Clubs - Bayern Munich or PSG or Likes with a dent in the pay as well.

Should Bale stay put OR go for a world-record contract OR take a pay cut at PL / EC and focus on winning trophies for the Club and proving his glorious talent / worth to the world again? What do you think Bale should do in the given situation?


I am quite certain that he will move to China


Stay at Madrid and let Zidane get mad.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


He’ll probably go to the Chinese club and make money. Clubs, as seen now, don’t want to invest a huge sum of money into players who are old. Old I mean around 30 years. They see to build the future. Bale and his agent are adamant for a pay cut and thus Premier League clubs would not invest so much to get bale from Madrid. However, for the Talent he has, if he anyhow makes his mind to come back to Spurs he’ll be a legend with the current team line up. Now we’ve to see if he really wants to establish himself as a footballing legend or sit back with his 1 million per week pay and concentrate on golf. Madrid wants to throw him as a loan option too. But Bale as well as his agent are not open to any makeshift deals.


Bale was stunning off the bench yesterday when he scored Real’s first goal after the break. Zidane and RM should rethink and utilize Bale’s potential to their benefit.



If I was Bale, I’d head to clubs like PSG, Bayern Munich and still look to make major impact. Bale has still years left in his career and to slowly fade away to an irrelevant Chinese League will do a disservice to his own talents.


Apparently the proposed China move is off and Bale is now likely to stay at the Bernabeu. Gareth Bale is also modeling Real Madrid’s new third kit.


It would be an interesting scenario if Bale stays, Zidane has demonstrated his feelings about Bale in no uncertain terms. Bale has also said he would be happy to be paid to play golf if he is not desired on the turf.

Will Zidane rethink his options? Will talent of Bale rot on the greens? Interesting Times!


Bale has to leave no matter what the cost. Clearly Zidane and Bale don’t look eye to eye and that creates uneasiness in the dressing room and the players mindset. It’s so far been evident for Madrid in the pre season friendlies where they’ve had a horrible time. Yes, Zidane was a legend of his time as his player, and has been a successful manager too, but Garth Bale is too good of a player to be treated in the current manner. Irrespective of what the offer is from any club, be it some club from the Chinese League, or the EPL, he just has to move away from Madrid since it’s getting really toxic in there.