Ganguly Takes Over as BCCI's 39th President. What do you think should be on Ganguly's agenda?

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly has been unanimously elected as President of BCCI, cricket’s most powerful body. Ganguly earlier has promised to clean up the mess after he filed his nomination to the post recently. Dada, who took over as India captain during one of its darkest hours following the 2000 match-fixing scandal, will need to demit office by the end of July next year as per the provisions of a new constitution, which makes ‘Cooling Off’ period mandatory after six years in office.

What all changes you want to see from Dada?


Ganguly has set his eyes on ensuring India play a day-night Test as soon as possible. However, it will not happen in the coming tour of Bangladesh since the decision has to be cleared by the Apex Council.

Ganguly : “Day-night Test is the way forward. Every country has to play day-night Test—that’s a long-term future for Test cricket."

India is the only top Test nation to have not played the day-night version of the game.