Formula One: Which team has the best driver line-up for 2019?

  • Mercedes: Hamilton and Bottas
  • Ferrari: Vettel and Leclerc
  • Red Bull: Verstappen and Gasly
  • Renault: Hulkenberg and Ricciardo
  • Haas: Grosjean and Magnussen
  • McLaren: Sainz and Norris
  • Racing Point: Perez and Stroll
  • Alfa Romeo: Raikkonen and Giovinazzi
  • Toro Rosso: Kyvat and Albon
  • Williams: Kubica and Russell

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How important are drivers in the present day as the complete game is now dependent on the quality of the car.

I think talent is still the most important thing. Yes Car performance, track and weather all play a key role. But do you think every driver would perform at the same level with the same car?

Just need to look at the qualifying to see how drivers change the game. Top drivers beating their partners with the same resources.

For the best ones, it is not just about putting together a good lap.

Specifically in the cockpit cams, i’ve seen the likes of Kimi, Hamilton make so many changes with the controls on their steering wheel as the race progresses. Changes designed to gain advantage on a lap to lap basis.

I would say that is sheer talent and judgement.


Agreed. BTW, just for my understanding. As you might read a blog on the same platform. What went wrong with F1? Why is it losing it’s popularity?

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I don’t think all the teams are given a fair chance to succeed. Quite simply it is predictable and boring now. There has to be a level playing field. Impose some sort of limitations…curb the resources and allow every team to compete.