Formula 1 Pirelli Gran Premio Della Toscana Ferrari 1000 2020 - F1 Tuscan GP

This weekend’s race is at the Mugello Circuit in Tuscany, Italy.


Last Race at the Track: This track has never hosted a Formula 1 GP :open_mouth:

The track was previously used to test Ferrari F1 cars and host MotoGP races.

Key Features of the Track:
:red_circle: Hosted Raikonnen’s iconic first outing with Sauber
:white_circle: Exciting turns like Casanova, Savelli, and Arrabbiatas 1 & 2
:red_circle: Hosting Ferrari’s 1000th race anniversary this weekend

All in all, we can only hope that the Tuscan GP measures up to the excitement of the Monza one last weekend :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Bottas leads FP1 for the fifth time in a row.

A mere 0.048 seconds behind him stands Verstappen, a considerable improvement since last week’s performance.

But the real surprise was Charles Leclerc coming in third, half a second in front of Hamilton :open_mouth:
Given that both Ferrari’s suffered from brake failures in Monza, it is a miracle that Leclerc was faster than a Mercedes, and that too Hamilton’s no less.

Everything’s coming up Ferrari, just in time for their 1000th race anniversary :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Speaking of Hamilton, his performance seems to have taken a dive in both of the Italian Grand Prix.

From being 5th fastest in the Monza FP3 to finishing 7th in last week’s race and now being the 4th fastest car on the grid, things are not looking good for him.

Could it be that the banning of the Mercedes’ Party Mode has impacted Hamilton’s performance this greatly? Or is has his unwavering confidence taken a blow?


We saw more action in the Mugello FP2 than we have in most of the races this season, with not one but TWO red flags!

Bottas leads a Mercedes 1-2 in the Mugello FP2, with Verstappen coming in as third behind Hamilton by 0.039 seconds.

Romain Grosjean was the first retirement of the practice session due to electrical issues only 5 laps in, placing him at P20.

Ferrari’s FP2 didn’t go as well as FP1, unfortunately. Leclerc spun into Turn 12 and ended up coming 10th while Vettel reported issues with his engine at the end of the session, landing him P12

McLaren’s Lando Norris ran off the track at the exit of Turn 3 and spun into the wall. The impact broke off the MCL35’s front wing and the red flags were brought out to clean up the debris. Fortunately, Norris was safe and unhurt by the crash. He ended up as P14, right behind his teammate by 0.007s.

The second red flag was brought out when Raikonnen and Perez collided at Turn 1 just as Perez was exiting the pit lane, clipping Checo’s front wing as a result. Both drivers are safe and stand in P9 and P7 respectively.


Bottas bags the title of the fastest lap for all the practice sessions at Mugello. He was followed by Verstappen and then Hamilton, both less than a tenth of a second slower than him.

Leclerc and Vettel were 7th and 18th fastest, respectively. Perhaps the fact that he’s driven on this circuit before has boosted Charles’ performance a bit. As for Vettel, it seems that he has given up on Ferrari entirely and is just waiting for this season to end so he can take his place at Aston Martin Racing.

Russell finished last with a brake-by-wire causing him to tap out after just one lap. His teammate Latifi, finished 16th.


Hamilton takes the pole at the Mugello Qualifying, making it the 95th pole position of his career. Bottas brought up the rear end of the Mercedes 1-2 by a mere 0.059s behind his teammate, followed by Verstappen at P3.

In a welcome turn of events, Charles Leclerc has qualified P5. Finally, some good news for the Tifosi after Ferrari’s disappointing performance in the last couple of races.

Both McLaren’s have had a rather dismal performance in comparison to their marvelous P2 and P4 result last week. Sainz qualified P9 while Norris didn’t make the cut for Q3 and will be starting 11th on the grid.
Could the new nose on the MCL35 be held accountable for the drastic drop in positions?

The other two semi-rookies on the driver lineup seem to be doing pretty well with respect to the car they’re driving. Williams driver George Russell, who has yet to be out-qualified by a teammate, is starting P18.
Alex Albon in his Red Bull is starting P4 at today’s race, after being out-qualified by his teammate by 0.45s. Nevertheless, bravo Albon :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Max Verstappen, who had engine issues from before the race, is out of the race within the first 30 seconds of the race as he finds himself in the gravel at Turn 2 and without the power to get out!

Pierre Gasly, winner of last week’s Monza GP, crashes into the barrier in the first lap and is OUT of the Mugello GP already :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

The safety car was deployed immediately. Both drivers are safe- frustrated, but safe.


If you thought that last week’s race was exciting, you’re in for a surprise today.

As soon as the Safety Car was brought back in after Verstappen and Gasly’s crashes, another huge crash took place involving 4 cars: Magnussen, Giovinazzi, Sainz, and Latifi.

All drivers are seemingly ok physically, but are out of the race due to irreparable damages to their cars.

The red flags are brought out for the second weekend in a row. The last time this happened was in the 2011 Monaco GP, followed by the Canadian GP.



The 7th retirement of this session, Esteban Ocon is out due to an issue with his brakes, earlier noted by George Russell before the red flags “Something is on fire in Ocon’s car”.


Lance Stroll is the EIGHTH DNF in today’s Grand Prix as his left rear tire got punctured and he spun into Turn 9 on the 44th lap, crashing into the tire barrier.

The red flags have been brought out for the :two:nd time today, stopping the session and forcing drivers to return to the pit lane. The last time this happened was in Brazil 2016.

Despite his car overheating due to the crash, Stroll is reportedly unhurt.


Hamilton bags the 90th win of his career at the Tuscan GP of 2020. He uses this spotlight on him to bring to the audience’s attention the Black Lives Matter Movement by wearing a T-shirt saying “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor”.

Right behind Hamilton was his teammate Bottas, completing the Mercedes 1-2.

Alex Albon finished P3, getting him the first podium of his career!

Leclerc and Vettel finished P8 and P10 respectively. While this performance is pitiful in comparison to last year’s, at least they got points to celebrate their 1000th race anniversary.

Russell just missed what could’ve been the first points of his F1 career by a single position. Hopefully, he’ll do better next time. We’re rooting for you, George!


Hamilton wins inaugural Tuscan Grand Prix

Bottas has to settle for second, and Albon gets third, making it his first F1 career podium.