For which gesture did MS Dhoni win ICC Spirit of Cricket Award of the Decade?

MS Dhoni won ICC Spirit of Cricket Award of the Decade for recalling England batsman Ian Bell after a run-out in 2011 Nottingham Test. Bell and Eoin Morgan were walking back, thinking the last ball before tea on third day had gone for four. However, the ball was still in play and Bell got run-out. Dhoni later withdrew the appeal.


MS Dhoni wins the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award of the Decade. :raised_hands:

The former Indian captain was chosen by fans unanimously for his gesture of calling back England batsman Ian Bell after a BIZARRE run out in the Notingham Test in 2011.


Here is how the incident played out!

Ian Bell was Run Out But The Indian Captain Withdrew his appeal, which reinstated Bell to continue after Tea.

Indeed a great gesture by Captain Dhoni - a well deserved Spirit of Cricket Award! :clap: :clap:

Ian Bell Run Out Controversy - England vs India, Second Test, Day 3 (31.07.2011)


I only wonder what would any Brit skipper would have done!

Also I doubt whether any Indian captain/Manager would have put in a reconsideration request during break. They would mostly have moved on.


Don’t know about Brits or Australians but Kane Williamson would have done the same as Dhoni. :wink:

As per the video shared above - Rahul Dravid talks (4:14s) about how all the Indian players felt that it was not in the spirit of the game too and agreed with Dhoni.

On the contrary former Brit captain Naseer Hussain thought Ian Bell was at fault and was a lucky lad to be given another chance (5:47s). Former Captain Michael Atherton echoed a similar view.
So, there you go, this is how Brits take decisions! :grinning:


It still can be completely irrelevant and has nothing to contradict this choice of ICC, but when it comes to spirit of cricket, I will vote Kohli’s single gesture of urging crowd to stop boo-ing Steve Smith on his return to the international cricket.

That gesture won my heart.