Financial Muscle of EPL!

I came across this interesting Infographic. It shows TV revenues of Top 4 league teams.

It’s interesting to see that Barring a couple, Top teams of other leagues find it difficult to make as much as bottom dwellers from EPL. Only some from La Liga can match the financial muscle available with EPL teams.

It clearly shows EPL has massive audience compared to others.


Interesting comparative chart!

PL and La Liga also enjoy a wider world wide TV transmission hence the vast fan base for the clubs in these 2 leagues.

Also, apart from Barcelona & Real Madrid, there is steep drop in other La Liga Clubs. It will be interesting to see the impact of Messi’s presence in the League - I am sure a matter of great concern for the League management anticipating Messi’s exit / retirement from the league in the near future.

PSG’s attempt to acquire star power doesn’t seem to have any advantage here.

I guess as long as 2/3 clubs secure the top 4 spots in the 4 leagues it will be difficult to match or even come close to PL fierce fandom and rivalry.


Yes, Other league are not as competitive as PL. Bundesliga and French league are pretty much lopsided mostly. If one was asked to name teams from other than PL leagues, one would struggle to name beyond may be four, While one can rattle of more than dozen Pl team names.

Regarding wider audience, language also plays a major part for PL & La liga. While it is a hinderance for Bundesliga, Serie A and French league.