FIIOB Reginas, Kolkata

FOOTBALL IS IN OUR BLOOD, more popularly known as FIIOB, is a football fans forum based on Facebook that has almost 2 lakh members.

But our activities are not limited to online but on field also. FIIOB is a govt. registered organisation, registered under West Bengal Govt. Over the years, we have done a number of social activities involving football and we have our own football teams based in Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai.

FIIOB Kolkata team is the most prominent of all and is 6 years old. Over the tenure, the team has won 40 trophies.

Apart from that, FIIOB Kolkata has an academy set up named FIIOB Junos which is an U19 team, where young talents are nurtured before being promoted into senior team.

It was July, 2018, the world cup hangover was obviously far from gone. FIIOB Junos, Kolkata were organizing a summer trial and like every time, a good number of young players registered.

When we were dropping them messages regarding trial details and direction to the venue, one of them replied, "But I am a girl, will you allow me?"

That was a triggering moment. We would have loved to have had her but we had no clue how to set up a women’s football team.

We didn’t have enough coaching staffs, we were not sure what would the prerequisites be for forming a women’s football team. We didn’t really know where to start from. But what we did know was that we couldn’t let that be an excuse to not try.

It’s been a year since then and with us being a better organised coaching team and a little more experience, we have decided to take the brave step.

September 2013 - FIIOB Football Team, Kolkata was born.

September 2019 - we started our project named FIIOB Reginas, Kolkata. The first of its kind amateur football team for women footballers in Kolkata.

We will be holding our first trial session for women footballers on 19th October, Saturday at Jadavpur University ground (Jadavpur Campus), 9 AM onward. Anyone interested can register here and we will contact you back with all the details.

Come, support us, spread the news and be a part of a new dawn. Let this be the beginning of amateur football culture in Kolkata for women.

It’s Her Game Too!


Great to see FIIOB take action on this innocent yet impactful question!

All the best To FIIOB Reginas team! Look forward to seeing talented stars from this initiative in the Indian women football team. :soccer::running_woman::v:


Thank you ma’am. We hope the same. :slight_smile:

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