England vs New Zealand: Best World Cup final ever?


England might have won the World Cup in the end but Cricket is the only real winner after last night.

I don’t remember watching a more thrilling final in the last decade or so. Do you reckon this might be the greatest Cricket world cup final of all time?


Absolutely this is the best final i have ever seen. But not too happy with the result. Yes, ENG have played exceptional cricket but they won the trophy not bcoz of their play but bcoz of icc rules. I would have felt happy when the cup is shared between the two but it is ridiculous to decide a winner based on the boundaries hit


No Doubt. Best final till date. On greek tragedies scale.

What’s a great game without heartbreaks?! Fans will grieve for years for that over throw! :sob:


Indeed the World Cup Final lived up to it’s glory! While it was a moment of pride for England to win their maiden World Cup that too on home soil, it was another heart-breaking loss for New Zealand. New Zealand was so close to winning the trophy yet luck decides to favor England. Even for fans apart from these 2 countries it was difficult to cheer just one team. Both the teams displayed outstanding cricket keeping the fans guessing the outcome until the last second.

Agree with @Kushagra and fans worldwide hoping for a fairy tale outcome with the trophy being shared by both England and New Zealand. But then there is only one Trophy and there can be only one Champion who gets to lift this Trophy with unmatched pride and fulfillment of a lifelong dream.


@Jay True. For any team its a dream to lift the trophy. But When two teams are equal in almost every department why can’t they share trophy?? Sometimes ICC rules looks so funny. But those funny rules shattered the hopes of NZ.Sorry, I’m not arguing with you. I felt very disappointed with the way NZ lost the game. These guys are true ambassadors of cricket. This shouldn’t have happened to them


@Kushagra As a fan I am with you on New Zealand equally deserving the trophy. I also find the ICC rule of boundary count rule a little amusing. For that matter, one could think of many other stats as deciding factors…one such would be wickets left, NRR of the tournament, etc. At the same time, I think, since this is a competition there needs to be one winner among the best.

Tournaments are won not by one match but won by culmination of performance throughout the tournament. If you sit back and think, lady luck does not grace everybody and I feel the luck factor favors consistent performance over a period. In this case, one could argue that England had an advantage at points as well as NRR and hence probably had an edge over New Zealand. In this World Cup, in all fairness, England enjoyed that luck and won their maiden Championship trophy.

On a side note, I feel Kane Williamson is the best captain for his humble nature, his gentleman gestures with even opponent team players like the one when he rushed to console Carlos Brathwaite after the West Indies loss and his sportive spirit that we have seen during the tournament.


Have you read what Simon Taufel has said about Over throw boundary in WC Finals?? Oh my NZ team!! Seriously guys, Stars were not on your side in the Final. Not only ICC, even Umpires also not wanted you to lift the trophy:disappointed_relieved:


Yes. He’s right according to the MCC rule book. But, whats done is done. England have been declared as Champions, you can’t expect to take the trophy away. There are a few changes that ICC as well as the entire cricket fraternity needs to make coz it’s not some national or state level competition. Its the biggest tournament in cricket and such minor margins decides the winner.


Rightly said Yash. Lets see how ICC approaches to this


Hands down the best cricket final ever.


It was definitely the best in terms of the scoreboard and the closeness of the 2 teams in terms of ability. It showed that you dont need a 350 vs 320 contest to have an enthralling contest. An even contest between bat and ball makes for better viewing than a huge run fest. The parameter used to decide the winner left a sour taste in the mouth even though both teams were aware of the rules in advance.


The quality of the contest can be gauged by the fact that people are still talking about it! :grinning:


Yeah, this was the best World Cup final in recent years.


It was anti-climatic in the end! Good contest through out though.

For Indians though, 1983 will remain best ever. A coming from behind win over Road roller Windies. Win of epic proportions.

2011 was also very good. India in tough spot at the start of the chase. But, Kohli and Gambhir stabilizing and Gambhir getting the game well away from SL and firmly in India’s favor. Herculean effort from Gauti, too sad He couldn’t stay long enough to finish!